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How does S&C get procured?

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9 Jun 2016
Hi. I just wanted to ask a sort of domain-knowledge question (not technical, although the answer might include technical implications).

I understand that, technically(!), there are lots of different types of S&C (I think Network Rail said 20,000+) depending on the terrain, geography, load, speed, etc. And I know that there are some major suppliers such as Progress Rail, but that there are also some others.

So my multi-pronged question is: do different suppliers specialise in different types of S&C for different routes, and also, is the manufacture of S&C (like from Progress) different from the design (say, URS) and the installation (say, Colas Rail)? (I understand that the companies in brackets there are very different companies?).

My question is partly down to semantics. I read articles about new S&C alliances/contracts being announced, but I'm just trying to work out what is what and which parts of the process are supplied by whom. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.