How much of the Underground map have YOU covered (continued)?

Discussion in 'London Underground' started by Mikey C, 26 Apr 2019.

  1. Mikey C

    Mikey C Established Member

    11 Feb 2013
    As the old thread was closed, I've started up a new one! Since 2015 I've actually removed a few of the missing bits (and for genuine travel purposes too as I needed to go to the likes of Chesham, Cockfosters and Turkey Street)

    Bakerloo - whole line
    Central - all except Loughton to Epping (never did Ongar either)
    Circle - whole line
    District - whole line
    Ham & City - whole line
    Jubilee - whole line
    Met - whole line (not the Watford North Curve)
    Northern - whole line (not the Kennington loop)
    Piccadilly - whole line (including Aldwych) except T5
    Victoria - whole line
    W & City - whole line
    DLR - whole line

    Overground - whole of the network except Harrow and Wealdstone to Watford Junction, Norwood Junction to West Croydon, Turkey Street to Cheshunt, Hackney Central to Chingford.
    TfL Rail - whole of the network except Harold Wood to Shenfield (I did Paddington to T4 when it was Heathrow Connect)
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  3. trainmania100

    trainmania100 Established Member

    8 Nov 2015
    Most of central London, just need to do outer parts near end of line such as cockfosters and Ruislip area, I only really use the tube to go somewhere rather than spend time bashing
  4. moogal

    moogal Member

    18 Oct 2012
    Bakerloo: Elephant to Willesden Junction inclusive.
    Central: Ealing Broadway to Leytonstone inclusive (haven't done West Ruislip branch).
    Circle: Whole line.
    District: Whole line.
    Hammersmith & City: Whole line.
    Jubilee: Wembley Park - Stratford inclusive.
    Metropolitan: Amersham/Uxbridge - Aldgate inclusive (haven't done Chesham or Watford branches).
    Northern: South Wimbledon to Edgware/High Barnet (haven't done Morden or the Mill Hill East branch).
    Piccadilly: Cockfosters to Heathrow (haven't done Uxbridge branch, other than the part shared with the Met).
    Victoria: Whole line.
    Waterloo & City: Whole line.
    DLR: Whole network.
    Overground: NLL - whole line, ELL - Highbury & Islington - Queens Road Peckham/Crystal Palace/New Cross, plus Clapham Junction - Clapham North. (haven't done the West Croydon branch). Watford DC: Euston - Willesden Junction. GOBLIN: Barking - Blackhorse Road. Lea Valley: Liverpool St - Walthamstow Central inclusive.
    TfL Rail: Paddington - Heathrow T2&3, Liverpool St - Ilford.
  5. paddington

    paddington Member

    19 Feb 2013
    I finished the tube and all London rail services back in 2017, including unusual movements. It only took me 10 years. I am not counting anything that wasn't possible after 2006, like Aldwych or Ongar.

    Still to do is ride on the class 345, take the Overground to Battersea Park (but I took the relevant services when they were operated by Southern) and ride electrified GOBLIN.
  6. class387

    class387 Established Member

    9 Oct 2015
    Bakerloo: Paddington - Elephant & Castle
    Central: South Ruislip - Northolt, Shepherd's Bush - Epping/Newbury Park
    Circle: Ladbroke Grove - Edgware Road via Liverpool Street, Victoria
    District: Upminster/Edgware Road - Ealing Broadway/Richmond/Wimbledon
    Hammersmith & City: Ladbroke Grove - Barking
    Jubilee: Canon's Park - Stratford
    Metropolitan: Amersham/Watford - Aldgate
    Northern: Morden - Edgware/Mill Hill East
    Piccadilly: Cockfosters - Heathrow T123/South Harrow
    Victoria: Walthamstow Central - Brixton
    Waterloo & City: Bank - Waterloo
    DLR: Bank/Tower Gateway - Lewisham/Beckton, Stratford - Lewisham via Bow Church/Woolwich Arsenal via West Ham
    Overground: Stratford - Richmond/Clapham Junction, Whitechapel - New Cross/New Cross Gate, Barking - Harringay Green Lanes, Euston - Willesden Junction, Liverpool Street - Chingford/Seven Sisters, Romford - Upminster
    Tramlink: Elmers End/Beckenham Junction - Wimbledon
    TfL Rail: Paddington - Heathrow Central, Liverpool Street - Shenfield
    Cable Car: Emirates Royal Docks - Emirates Greenwich Peninsula
    Last edited: 28 Dec 2019
  7. rebmcr

    rebmcr Established Member

    15 Nov 2011
    Bakerloo: All
    Central: All except: north of Snaresbrook, and north of Newbury Park
    Circle: All
    District: All except: the Kensington (Olympia) stub
    Hammersmith & City: All
    Jubilee: All
    Metropolitan: All
    Northern: All except: north of Woodside Park, the Mill Hill East branch, and the loop
    Piccadilly: All except: north of Finsbury Park
    Victoria: All
    Waterloo & City: All
    DLR: All
    Overground: All except: north of Hackney Downs, the New Cross stub, the Battersea Park stub, and Romford-Upminster
    TfL Rail: All except: T4, and east of Seven Kings
    Trams: Only Wimbledon - Morden Road, & Ampere Way - East Croydon (both ways)
    Last edited: 27 Apr 2019
  8. AM9

    AM9 Established Member

    13 May 2014
    St Albans
    Bakerloo: All, including Watford Junction
    Central: All including Epping to Ongar in LT days
    Circle: All
    District: All including Hounslow West when it was a surface terminus. not South Acton branch
    Hammersmith & City: All
    Jubilee: All. Stanmore to Baker Street also covered when Bakerloo
    Metropolitan: All including to Aylesbury
    Northern: All except: north of Finchley Central, and the Kennington loop. Northern City lines included before transferred to BR/GN
    Piccadilly: All except Aldwych branch
    Victoria: All
    Waterloo & City: All
    DLR: All
    Overground: All except Sydenham to Crystal Palace. Chingford and Cheshunt lines except Edmonton Green to Enfield Town covered in BR GE trains.
    TfL Rail: All - Heathrow covered except T5 as HEX and HC
    Trams: All
    Last edited: 27 Apr 2019
  9. ChiefPlanner

    ChiefPlanner Established Member

    6 Sep 2011
    Everything bar Woodford - Newbury Park and Mill Hill East.

    Did Ongar and all the East London section when it was LUL.
  10. Enthusiast

    Enthusiast Member

    18 Mar 2019
    I have visited every London Underground station. This included Ongar, Aylesbury, the East London Line (when LU), South Acton (visited two days before closure in 1959), Aldwych and Watford Junction (by Bakerloo Line). I came within a very short whisker of completing the "Tube Challenge" in 1968 (273 stations, IIRC). My last train of the day, to Upminster, was unexpectedly terminated at Dagenham East due to "operational difficulties" thus leaving me just four stations short of my target (and spitting teeth). It also left my lift home (a ageing uncle) wondering where I was (no mobiles, of course). I have not traversed many non-passenger lines except the Kennington loop (facilitated by a kindly guard I got chatting to in about 1967) and the Rikky:Watford "North Curve" on an early morning service at the beginning of my Tube Challenge.
    I have visited every station on the DLR and every Tramlink stop. I believe I have visited every railway station within the M25 except a few in the South West sector beyond Richmond and the Shepperton Branch (must get round to them one day!).. I have made a point of visiting all new stations/extensions as soon as I can after they open. In my dotage I have embarked on a project to take a photograph of the exterior of every LU station (yes, sad I know!). I'm up to around 150 but my progress has slowed a little lately and I'm not sure I fancy a slog out to Chesham or Watford just to take a snap.
  11. Ianno87

    Ianno87 Established Member

    3 May 2015
    Covered every part of every line in at least one direction. Never did the 'old' East London aline though.

    As for odd stuff, I've done the Rickmansworth curve and a Charing X-Morden through train (crossovers at Kennington).
  12. MrTurbostar170

    MrTurbostar170 Member

    12 Sep 2014
    Bakerloo - Wembley Central to Waterloo
    Central - Stratford to West Ruislip
    Circle - all except west of Ladbroke Grove
    District - All except Olympia and Wimbledon branches.
    Hammersmith & City - All except west of Ladbroke Grove
    Jubilee - Stratford to Baker Street
    Metropolitan - Aldgate to Baker Street
    Northern - As far as I can remember only Moorgate to London Bridge
    Piccadilly - Kings cross to South Kensington
    Victoria - Brixton to Finsbury Park
    Waterloo & City - None
    DLR - It's been years since I've traveled on this, and I was very young so I don't really remenrem much. I know Limehouse was usually the start of the journey.
    Overground - Hackney Central to Gospel Oak.
    Tfl Rail - All
    Trams - Whole of Beckenham service
  13. Wirewiper

    Wirewiper Member

    14 Nov 2017
    BET & TQY
    I have travelled throughout every line, although between Harrow & Wealdstone and Watford Junction only on BR/London Overground services. I have also covered the entire London Overground, DLR and Tramlink networks. I think I have also travelled on the entire Network Rail, er, network in Greater London although there may be a few curves that I have missed - I don't recall ever doing Strawberry Hill - Fulwell for instance. That said, I am 57 and have lived in London for all but the first two of those years.

    I travelled on the Aldwych branch, Epping-Ongar and into the old Shoreditch station before they closed.
  14. LUYMun

    LUYMun Member

    15 Jul 2018
    I remember going all over the Underground with my father when I was young, and I didn't realise how much I've explored:

    Bakerloo - all
    Central - all except Ealing Broadway branch and between Woodford and Hainault
    Circle - some sections, can't remember which
    District - Acton Town and Richmond to Tower Hill
    H&C - Hammersmith to Whitechapel
    Jubilee - all
    Met - all, for sure
    Northern - King's Cross to Bank
    Piccadilly - all except Heathrow Terminal 4
    Victoria - Blackhorse Road to King's Cross
    W&C - never travelled
    DLR - all except Tower Gateway and Stratford International branches
    Overground - only the whole Watford DC line and sections of the North London and GOBLIN routes.
    TfL Rail - never travelled
  15. PeterY

    PeterY Member

    2 Apr 2013
    I've covered it all except the Ongar branch and Kennington loop (still fancy giving that a go one day) .

    Probably the rarest thing I did was the Bakerloo all the way to Watford Jct. I was a very young child at the time.
  16. Cambus731

    Cambus731 Member

    19 Jul 2013
    Almost all of it.
    The only bits I havent done are:
    Piccadilly line to Terminal 5
    Watford branch of the Metropolitan Line. I would also want to do the curve when I do thst, so that would either mean staying at a b&b in Amersham Rickmansworth, ( if such things exist) or doing it such time as engineering works mean that there is a service along the curve at a more sociable time.
    I also require the Heathrow branch off the GWML.
    Still need to do the chair lift.
    And the DLR between Stratford and Canning Town.
    Think thats it. I also have never done the loop on the Northern Line at Kennington, but Im not fussed about that.
  17. LeeLivery

    LeeLivery Member

    13 Jul 2014
    Bakerloo - All
    Central - All but Gants Hill to Woodford via Newbury
    Circle - All
    District - All but Olympia and Barking - Upminster (always by c2c)
    H&C - All
    Jubilee - Wembley Park - Stratford
    Metropolitan - All but Chesham and Watford branches
    Northern - Not Edgware - Brent Cross, Kennington Loop, Totteridge - High Barnet or Balham to Morden (always wanted to complete it but never could be bothered)
    Piccadilly - All but Wood Green - Cockfosters
    Victoria - All
    W&C - Done

    DLR - All
    Trams - All but New Addington branch
    Cable Car - Nope (probably do the Pyongyang Metro before that)

    LO - All but Hatch End - Watford (always by WCML)
    TfL Rail - All but Terminal 4
    Other Suburban Rail - All (even Southern Olmpyia parliamentary) but not the Epsom Downs and Shepperton branches
  18. FelixtheCat

    FelixtheCat Established Member

    23 Jul 2015
    Edinburgh, London, or somewhere else
    Stuff I haven't done:
    Jubilee - Canons Park to Stanmore (Yeah, I know)
    Metropolitan - Watford West Curve

    London Overground - Willesden Junction to Gunnersbury, Dalston Kingsland to Hackney Central), Nothing out of Liverpool Street, South Kenton to Watford Junction

    TfL Rail - Romford to Shenfield
  19. USBT

    USBT Member

    5 Nov 2017
    Bakerloo - whole line
    Central - Ealing Broadway to Leyton
    Circle - whole line
    District - whole line
    Ham & City - whole line
    Jubilee - whole line
    Met - Hillingdon to Aldgate
    Northern - all south of Camden Town
    Piccadilly - Heathrow (all stations) to Turnpike Lane
    Victoria - whole line
    W & City - whole line

    DLR - whole network (including original Mudchute & Island Gardens high level).

    Overground - H&I to West Croydon and Clapham Junction. CLJ to Shepherd’s Bush. Stratford to Hackney Central. Hackney Downs to Liverpool Street. (H&I to Homerton, and Seven Sisters to White Hart Lane while still BR. Whitechapel to Shoreditch as ELL).

    TfL Rail - Stratford to Liverpool Street only not on 345 (Heathrow Central to Paddington as Heathrow Connect).
  20. vlad

    vlad Member

    13 May 2018
    I'm waiting to hear from people who've only done part of the Waterloo & City. :smile:
  21. Peter Mugridge

    Peter Mugridge Established Member

    8 Apr 2010
    Well, I've done more of it than most. Believe it or not there was a mini railtour on it about 20 - 25 years ago which covered the depot reversal...
  22. methethpropbut

    methethpropbut Member

    25 Apr 2017
    Everything except the chord from Rickmansworth to Croxley... not getting up at early o'clock for that :D
  23. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Established Member

    28 Sep 2010
    This made me think, as I’m not the sort who goes out to cover networks. Nevertheless, through ‘life in general’ I’m only missing:

    Pic: Bounds Green - Cockfosters, Uxbridge Branch and T5
    Central: Hainault loop and W Ruislip branch
    Jubilee: Wembley Pk to Stanmore
    Met: Uxbridge branch and Moor Pk to the Hams
    DLR: ExCel to Beckton
    LO: Walthamstow to Chingford

    It’s amazing where life takes you.
  24. Sad Sprinter

    Sad Sprinter Member

    5 Jun 2017
    Way on down South London town
    Bakerloo - whole line
    Central - whole line
    Circle - whole line
    District - Richmond/Wimbledon to Barking, plus Edgware Road route. (Not Kensington Olympia, Ealing Broadway or Barking to Upminster although have done so on C2C although I assume that doesn't count)
    Ham & City - whole line
    Jubilee - West Hampsted to Stratford.
    Met - Aldgate to Chesham and Uxbridge Branch (Not Chalfont and Latimer to Amersham and Watford Branch)
    Northern - Morden to Edgware, Totteridge and Whetsone via Bank and CX (not the Kennington loop, Mill HIll East Branch and Totteridge to High Barnet)
    Piccadilly - whole line except T4
    Victoria - whole line
    W & City - whole line (Except-no I'm joking)
    DLR - Everything apart from Woolwich Branch
  25. alxndr

    alxndr Member

    3 Apr 2015
    Not a great deal, but I've never made a journey solely for the purpose of gaining more coverage.
  26. TFN

    TFN Member

    17 Aug 2017

    Bakerloo :Queen's Park to Elephant & Castle
    Central: Ealing Bway/West Ruislip to Stratford
    Circle: All
    District: All except Olympia & Barking to Upminster
    H&C: All
    Jubilee: All except Queensbury to Stanmore
    Metropolitan: Only Uxbridge to Aldgate
    Northern: Hampstead/Finchley Central to Stockwell via Bank & Charing X
    Piccadilly: All except Southgate to Cockfosters
    Victoria: All
    W&C: All
  27. vlad

    vlad Member

    13 May 2018
    Bakerloo: Kensal Green to Elephant & Castle
    Central: White City to Stratford (I think - there may be gaps in the middle)
    Circle: All (not necessarily on Circle Line trains)
    District: Kew Gardens to Upney and the Kensington Olympia and Edgware Road branches
    H&C: Hammersmith to Bow Road
    Jubilee: Baker Street to North Greenwich
    Metropolitan: Baker Street to Aldgate (not necessarily on Met trains)
    Northern: All except north of Hampstead/Highgate
    Piccadilly: Heathrow loop to KXSP
    Victoria: Highbury & Islington to Victoria
    W&C: Waterloo to Bank
  28. 30907

    30907 Established Member

    30 Sep 2012
    All of the passenger lines including Finsbury Park NC, Aldwych and Ongar (but not South Acton - I am just old enough to remember seeing the train). Not absolutely sure about every connection at Camden Town/Acton Town/ Kennington though!
  29. 700007

    700007 Member

    6 May 2017
    Near a bunch of sheds that aren't 66s.
    Bakerloo: Whole line
    Central: Whole line, except for Woodford to Epping
    Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Jubilee lines: Whole line
    Metropolitan line: Whole line except Chalfont & Latimer to Amersham
    Northern line: Whole line except Tooting Broadway to Morden
    Piccadilly, Victoria and Waterloo & City lines: Whole line
    London Overground: All lines with the exception of certain patches on SLL / ELL, have not done Canonbury to Shoreditch High Street, the New Cross branch, Sydenham to West Croydon (as I prefer East Croydon) or Surrey Quays to Clapham High Street.
    TfL Rail: Whole line
    DLR: Whole line
    London Trams: Whole line
  30. djpontrack

    djpontrack Member

    18 Jan 2011
    I’ve done the whole network except the Watford North curve on the Metropolitan line.
    I’ve also done the lines to Ongar, Aldwych and jubilee into Charing Cross.
    I’ve completed the DLR and Croydon trams too.
    The only thing I’ve got to do on the London Rail and Tube map is the Emirates cable car.
  31. Glen M

    Glen M Member

    18 Mar 2019
    North London
    Bakerloo - Wembley Central - Elephant
    Central - Bond Street - Epping + Hainault Loop
    Circle - All
    District - Acton Town + Richmond + Wimbleware - Dagenham East
    H&C - Paddington - Barking
    Jubilee - Wembley Park - Stratford
    Metropolitan - Wembley Park - Aldgate
    Northern - High Barnet - Clapham North (No Edgware Branch or MHE though)
    Piccadilly - Cockfosters - Acton Town
    Victoria - Tottenham Hale - Stockwell
    W&C - All

    Still got a bit of exploring to do :D

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