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How to get a refund from London North Western Railway?

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3 Mar 2014
Arrived at station to find my LNW train was delayed due to a broken down train and, at that point the length of the delay was unknown, I decided not to travel. Today I logged onto my LNW online account and selected refund but it would not let me click the check box to select the ticket to refund. This was an Advance ticket I'd already collected from the TVM.

I called their Sales Support and explained the above. The lady I spoke to was clueless telling me I needed to fill out the refund form on the website, claim delay repay and that there was nothing she could do for an unused ticket as she is only the retailer. I repeated the above and she eventually told me I needed to email [email protected]

I have done this explaining the above and attached a photo of the ticket. Have I done the right thing here to get a refund?

Can I check this is correct?

Heard back from the above email and they're asking I send the ticket back to an address in Edinburgh.
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