HSTs at Derby Works 1976

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  1. Old Timer

    Old Timer Established Member

    24 Aug 2009
    On a plane somewhere at 35,000
    Some shots of the prototype HST together with a brand new 253027 at derby Works in late 1976.

    Photo 1
    43001 one of the prototype power cars receiving attention at Derby Works. The original HST set worked on the Western from 1975 onwards until the "production" sets arrived. Prior to this the power car had been numbereded 41002. This particular power car was eventually scrapped.
    252001 at Derby Works Nov 1976.jpg

    Photo 2
    Power car 43000 was not far away. It was originally numbered 41001. This power car is now preserved at York. Because 43000/43001 were used by the originals, the production power cars started from 43002 onwards.
    252001 Second Power Car at Derby Works Nov 1976.jpg

    Photo 3
    HST set 253027 destined for the Western Region sits outside the works at Derby Works in November 1976. This was the last of the first batch and was delivered in 1977.

    The HST power cars were built at Crewe Works and when finished they ran to Derby where they were paired with their respective passenger vehicles. The fully formed sets then undertook a number of tests before being sent out on running in test runs, and ultimately being run ECS to St Phillip's Marsh HST depot for introduction into revenue earning service.
    253027 New at Derby Works Nov 1976.jpg
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  3. Ploughman

    Ploughman Established Member

    15 Jan 2010
    I've got a shot somewhere of about 10 nose cones all lined up at Crewe works when I went on an open day in 76 or 77.
    Will see if I can dig it out unless someone beats me to it.
  4. callum112233

    callum112233 Member

    8 Sep 2011
    Those prototypes are strangely very good looking.
    I wonder if there are any cab pictures knocking around. That would be interesting to see.
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