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Huddersfield bus station's rucksack guy

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21 Jun 2013
Following on from this thread: http://www.railforums.co.uk/showthread.php?p=2693719#post2693719

It seems that "rucksack guy" of Huddersfield bus station is at it again. Only yesterday when my mate was heading to Huddersfield that he complained regarding his MCard, complained about his favourite bus stop (Cliffe Road, Huddersfield Road) and then upon reaching Huddersfield he set about marching around as if he owned the place.

My mate infuriated by this lunatics actions (complaining about his useage of an MCard) he took a photo of him from a distance incase he wishes to make a complaint to find out if he is indeed employed by Metro or First, now I've seen the photo and going by it the bloke has black hair with a black tash, hi vis, blue shirt, black trousers and carres a rucksack on his shoulder.

I've ran into him a few times and so has my mates but yesterday was the last straw for one of them. Anyone else had problems with rucksack guy?
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