Hutchison routes V First routes now

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31 Jul 2020
Greater Glasgow
Trying to think what Hutchison routes were back then to what is sort of the same now.

Hutchison 1. was Larkhall - Overtown - Waterloo - Wishaw - Craigneuk - Motherwell - Forgewood. This route is no longer but has 251 and 244 on sections. 251 Larkhall to Wishaw and 244 Forgewood to Motherwell.

Hutchison 2. North Motherwell - Motherwell - Craigneuk scheme - Wishawhill scheme - Wishaw - Gowkthrapple - Overtown. No longer have this full route but have the 240 from Overtown to Wishaw as far as the bottom of Wishaw where the 2 would go into Wishawhill. The 242 from the bottom of Pather follows what would be the 2 route to Motherwell. The 241 from Motherwell to North Motherwell.

Hutchison 8. Pather - Wishaw - Hospital - Netherton - Muirhouse Scheme - Motherwell. 242 covers Pather to the bottom of Wishaw. 241 covers Wishaw to Motherwell section with the except of Muirhouse Scheme as First don't serve that area, Whitelaw's 253 covers that area.

Hutchison 7. Overtown - Wishaw - Wishawhill. First 240 Overtown to Wishaw and 242 from Wishaw to Wishawhill.

Trying to remember the 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 routes the latter two being the Pullman's. There was a service to Carluke the 4 I think that didn't last long.

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