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Discussion in 'Traction & Rolling Stock' started by cammyeaston, 4 Nov 2011.

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  1. cammyeaston

    cammyeaston Member

    8 Aug 2011
    Good evening all,

    Beware, this is quite a request that I am not sure is even possible to answer, but I'm going to give it a go anyway!

    Recently, I have begun ticking off all the passenger trains I have 'cleared' and there are a few that the identity has escaped me. Now, luckily I still have the tickets and various details of the actual services I was on and wondered if anyone knew (or kept record) of what actually ran this service.

    As I said, a long shot at best, but I thought I had better ask before dismissing it as impossible!

    The first was on the 27 June 2007, I was on a service from Crewe to Leominster and as the ticket has been marked, the service was 1O88. If memory serves, it was a Class 150.

    Next one, on the 29 June 2007, I was on the 0947 Hereford - Carmarthen, which was a 175 unit. I do not have the headcode for this one I am afraid. Upon arriving at Carmarthen, I transferred onto a 153, which was heading to Pembroke Dock (I got off at Tenby) but have no details as to which unit or service it was, but I do remember it was around midday.

    Final one now, it was 6 July 2007, I was on the 1329 from Llanelli to Hereford, which again was a 175, but prior to this, I was on a HOW liveried 153 from Pembroke (I got on at Tenby).

    I'm not sure if finding out these identities is even possible, but I would be extremely grateful is somebody was able to find out by way of a miracle!

    Many thanks in advance, Cammy
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  3. BestWestern

    BestWestern Established Member

    6 Feb 2011
    I'd have to say I think finding out this information is very, very unlikely :| Your best bet may be to contact the TOCs (or their current successors) concerned with your queries, and see if there is an outside chance that somebody there might be willing to go through the records, if they exist that far back. I would consider advising them that it is for some sort of half-worthy 'project' or suchlike rather than just for your own spotting records though, they might think it a more valuable use of their time! ;)
  4. 507 001

    507 001 Established Member

    3 Dec 2008
    would the details not be on TRUST for those who have access to it?
  5. starrymarkb

    starrymarkb Established Member

    4 Aug 2009
    I'm not sure if Trust will be accessable that far back. A lot of things like that are Archived after a certain time.

    Might have just leave the records as UID, which won't be the end of the world. I've had to on my records for aircraft as I wasn't keeping logs when I started flying. (and the local spotters weren't out on the days I flew...)
  6. Philip

    Philip Established Member

    27 May 2007
    Locoscene is a good website if you have other queries from the past.

    I travelled on 28th June 2007 and remember having 175109 on the 17:34 Manchester - Milford Haven and 175110 on the 18:27 Crewe - Manchester (which then formed the 19:34 Cardiff service) - so possibly one of those for the 29th June question. Another couple of possibilities: 175001 worked 11:34 Manc - Carmarthen and 175107 worked 12:27 Crewe - Manc, both on 28th.

    You can definitely only go back a month on TRUST, can't be that simple I'm afraid! Hopefully the records on TRUST aren't completely deleted so there may come a time when old records are released from the archive to see again, though I'm not holding my breath!
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