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[II] All sorts of gen!

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8 Jun 2005
Class 66 run away. As I posted on the forums the Network Rail log said that all cab doors were locked and the brake handle in the 'on' position. There have been instances in the past where chains used in the braking system have broken and this may be a potential cause of the run away.

Class 315's refurbishment for 'One.' Everybody has been panning the fact that the seat fabric has not been changed. Considering 'One' couldn't make up their minds what colour they wanted and even when they did they didn't order any until at least the first unit had been outshopped from Derby I am not surprised they still have the out seat fabric. Oh, and they also are getting fitted with the same doors as the 376's to try and improve reliability.

Class 318's. The improved front end look, well compared to the related 455's! Much smoother transition from the existing cab front onto the new plate covering the old gangway door up. The can desk inside now goes all the way across. First unit due out soon, delays due to more door corrosion than previously estimated.

'One' DBSO's. These are being retained and plans are well advanced to get them refurbished. The only reason the Mk3's are being used on 'One' is that they would be an embarassment to the Government if older rolling stock (Mk 2's) were being used at the expense of newer stock (Mk 3's). Similar story to the 9-car Meridians!

GNER HST's. Will be refurbished in the Mk 4 Mallard style. Rumoured that they will be done by Hunslet Barclay in Scotland. Also there is a franchise commitment by GNER to improve the reliability of the refreshment trolley. Rumoured to have been inserted in the franchise document by a disgruntled SRA employee as they were fed up with not getting their tea after Peterborough due to 'Problems with the buffet trolley!'

Network Rail have finally let the contract for the GSM-R radio trial in Scotland (due to begin next year I think, or 2007). The trial is to establish a few ground rules for the migration from NRN and CSR over to GSM-R when it becoimes mandatroy in 2012 plus a better understanding of how it will be used in service.

Crewe works. Rumours of a management buyout still float around but nothing has happened officially yet.

Bombardier Doncaster. The old Crimpsall erecting shop where the GNR and LNER/BR built some of the finest engines in the world is likely to be sold and demolished for a luxury housing development. Bombardier will operate out of a smaller building on the site or move into new premises.
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