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Incident at Stevenage 13-10-20

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1 Dec 2017
Not sure if there is already a post on this, but I received a phone call from my wife when she got to Stevenage station asking for a lift as people were being refused access to the station. In the few minutes it took me to drive there the area outside was swamped with police, paramedics, ambulances, and network rail vehicles. As we drove through the collect/drop off point a 700 was in platform 4 with NR staff and police standing by the drivers cab.

On the journey to Hitchin a 700 was seen stationary on route to Stevenage, and then around 11:30 the local radio gave out a travel report stating that All LNER services between KX and Peterborough have been cancelled, and all Thameslink / GN services suspended between WGC and Hitchin.

I have no idea what's happening, and I'm not going to speculate.

Mods, if there is already a thread on this, my apologies, I browsed but couldn't find one.

EDIT: - :Local radio have just confirmed a train struck a person between WGC and Stevenage
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24 Feb 2007
No need to speculate, the information is out there on the National Rail disruptions page and a person has been hit by a train.

Thoughts with all those involved.
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