India 2012 - 23: Goa VI - On Water, Rails and Elephant (50 p.)

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19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

The previous trip report part:
India 2012 - 22: Goa - Diesel in Paradise V: Zuari Amazon-Crossing (50 p.)

The accompanying video:

February 20 2012

We return to a magnificent morning in the fishing village of Cortalim at the mouth of Zuari River:

Fishing tools, in the background the ferry was just casting off.

It connected Cortalim to Madkai located in a river branch, the boat into the other direction had departed at the same time.

A "Chica Bonita" in the harbour.

Friendly fishing dogs.

You could often spot "Vailankanni" as writing on vehicles, it is the largest Christian place of pilgrimage in India, but also hosts several other religions which makes it at least a little more sympathetic than its European counterparts. It had not helped this fishing boat much, though...

Crews were preparing on the active fishing fleet.

Ferry boat meeting in the distance.

Some of the fishermen were fascinated by my compact camera set up on a tripod for filming and stared into the lens, so I took some proper portraits with the DSLR.

Again came, what I was waiting for: 12742 Patna - Vasco Express, hauled by Itarsi WDM-3A 18939.

Fishing dock panorama, anything closer to shore was a wreck.

Different speeds of rail, road and ferry.

Next I explored the village stretching out along the coast road.

Still photogenic natural as well as artificial haze stayed in the air.

House shrine.

Office of that district's "assistant engineer", India really is a paradise for bureaucrats.

What specials might you find at the "Greek Bar"?

An old warehouse with Portuguese writings could also be found at the harbour front, once part of the "Junta" (in this case a commercial consortium)...

Next to nicely kept mansions I could find this abandoned one.

The next southbound express entered the bridge. By the way, the sign claimed that this fishery complex had been opened on August 2 2000 by the honourable chief minister Francisco Sardinha (yes it's "sardine" in Portuguese! ;)).

Train - fishermen - boats - laundry panorama.

Kalyan WDG-3A 13618 "Shakti" pulled 12133 Mumbai CST - "Mangalore Express" across the village. That way I caught five different sheds and liveries in front of five different trains on the bridge.
Notice the fitting label "ONLY DIESEL" in the lower right corner... ;)

I did not edit the turquoise... ;)

The party phone!

Local traffic, once more with a "Vailankanni" writing on the vehicle. However, Goa had to offer diversity, only minutes later I encountered a truck labelled "Mash Allah", in the vicinity on the way back I came across a large newly built mosque.

Proper local traffic was operated by ferry.

Waiting for the boat.

Once more a patron saint.

A Nani joined the waiting crowd.

Ferry boat approaching!

The apron ramp was lowered manually by winch.

Not yet on completely dry foot the passengers stormed ashore.

New by Piaggio: the water rickshaw!

Motorized vehicles followed the pedestrians.

The boat was called after a village further upstream where I had come by on my ride to Kulem.

Around half past eight it was time to leave this wonderful place for breakfast and checking out of the hotel.

As promised in the title: near Majorda we overtook this elephant on the road. Only once before I had seen one in India, doing tourist duties at Lonavla. This one sadly also was no "real" working elephant but served to collect donations. Still: elephant - check! :)

In the next part we will say goodbye to Goa for this time - sniff!
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