Ipswich - Manchester (23/09/2015)

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by uefacup81, 27 Aug 2015.

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  1. uefacup81

    uefacup81 Member

    17 Jan 2011
    Looking to do Ipswich - Manchester return, departing 23/09/2015 and returning 24/09/2015. Don't mind which way we go or how long the journey is.

    What's the cheapest way of doing this? At the moment I'm pulling up £114.40 for an off peak return (via Euston), and £49 return for two off peak singles.

    Would a two-together railcard bought solely for this trip save money or not?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Romilly

    Romilly Established Member

    5 Nov 2013
    I would have thought that it will be hard to beat the £24.50 Advance singles, so long as you are happy to have to travel on the trains you specify when booking.

    And if there are two of you travelling, instead of 4 x 24.50 = 98, the total with a Two Together Railcard would be £64.60 which is a saving of £33.40 and means that the card would pay for itself on just this journey alone (although you wouldn't be able to travel before 0930 if you use the card).
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