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Island Line Ideas of how it could live on in your mind.

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4 Apr 2021
This is about the history and how you change the future to make how you would imagen. Like steam Railway to Ryde and or Island Line to the Main Land etc.

If the signal is so much of an issue why didn't they move it to the London end of Ryde esplanade and have get an off aspect. To be let in Ryde esplanade and then Ryde tunnel. Ryde tunnel is double and single bore tunnel. In the 1970's when they were testing to see if the British rail class 503 would fit. The suggestions were Ryde tunnel gets signal and the twin bore section get rebuilt a larger single bore tunnel with the track in the center of the new tunnel.


not my photo. The photo is from Richard long on twitter and has been on Gareth Dennis YouTube channel. The link to the YouTube video is here.
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