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James60059's 2021 Photo/Video Updates.

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6 Jul 2006
Hi Folks,

First couple of updates for 2021.

For the aviation fans amongst you, a session at Heathrow Airport on 17th April: HERE

Gallery features aircraft landing on 09R, the location being about a 20 minute walk from Terminal 5.

23rd April, seen a session at Kilby Bridge Junction, which is situated just South of Leicester on the Midland Mainline. 37254 taking 2 HST power cars to Leicester L.I.P., the D.A.T.S test train returning to Rectory Junction, and 43102 looking gorgeous in her Intercity Swallow livery are just amongst the photo's during the day. The collection can be found HERE

All photo's have been captioned accordingly, as well as located on a map.

Please feel free to follow me on Flickr too, I will of course return the follow :D

37254 leads 43060 and 43045 past Kilby Bridge Junction.

008 37254 43060 43045.jpg
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