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21 Nov 2005

Well it has come to my mind that kuju is promising alot of nice concepts with FGW and there routes and maybe entire fleet.

There screenshots look promising and i am looking forward to the release.

However i hope they have taken into account that the MSTS didnt just need a visual upgrade but the entire program, i think that BVE is closer to the real thing than MSTS could ever be and hopeing they put some features into there project such as

Cab motion rocking
Rails screech
Points screech
buzzer & Guard feature

offcourse we would all like to see other trains moving around on the routes which would give it a even better sim experiance. and i would presume they will be doing a outcab view for there sim.

I have visited there website for the updates and nothing realy indicating the true features the game will have.

another thing i would like to see is realistic plaform lenghs, unlike BVE the platforms just dont feel as if the HST for example would fit in half there stations when stopping at them. maybe its me being fussy.

I would also like to see truelike derailments like MSTS so you know if your driving wrong but also stay incab view so you can get a feel of "holy mother of god im going to hit that"

i think Trainz has done a great job with regards to incab views but its a sim i just cant feel or get into, shame i brought the disk!

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