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  1. newbie babs

    newbie babs Member

    16 Jul 2011
    On this day the 27th November for Lancastrians, it’s a special day.
    In 1168 Lancashire was first termed “the country of Lancashire” under King Henry II

    The celebration of Lancashire Day is due , on this day in 1295 the first elected representatives from Lancashire were called to Westminster by King Edward 1 to attend what later became known as “The Model Parliament”

    In 1351 Henry, Earl of Lancaster was made a Duke and was also granted Palatinate powers – the royal powers, or the powers belonging to the palace.
    These powers lapsed with Henry`s death, but were restored to the most famous Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt and were made hereditary.

    Palatinate status was granted to Lancashire because of its strategic position in defending England from the Scots and conferred legal recognition of the extraordinary powers of the Duke within Lancashire.

    The Lancashire day Proclamation is read out by town criers throughout the county on 27th November.

    So from this very proud Lancastrian to all other Lancastrians “Happy Lancashire Day”
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  3. Xenophon PCDGS

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    17 Apr 2011
    A semi-rural part of north-west England
    Well done, for posting this on here. The only problem is these days is that being a "Proud Lancastrian" seems to have been diminished by the advent of Merseyside and Greater Manchester. I am old enough to understand the sentiments expressed and not only in cricketing terms but in the days when Lancashire did well in the Rugby Union "county" matches.

    You have given a good historical summary, to which I would add that by the advent of the 15th Century, the Duchy of Lancaster was one of the richest parts of the kingdom. The Queen still retains the title of Duke of Lancaster.
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