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Latest NR Safety Performance

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11 Apr 2012
Dalton GA USA & Preston Lancs
The latest NR Safety Performance report has been published.

From the executive summary
Workforce Safety: The Fatality Weighted Index (FWI) rate remains steady and on target with no great difference in reporting rates since the last period. The Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) for Eastern and Scotland's Railway are better than target for the year with the Southern region achieving better than the National LTIFR. Despite this, Scotland's Railway and Eastern Region both saw a rise in their LTIFR with both Regions reporting over twice the number of lost time injuries compared to Period 6 2019/20. There have been no workforce related high potential incidents this period, for the first time since Period 2 2018/19. Slip, trips and falls remain the highest cause of injuries for year to date and also for this reporting period at 41%. There were two specified injuries in the period both related to slip trips and falls, this included a member of the workforce falling over onto their right ankle whilst stepping off ballast resulting in a fracture to the ankle and another where the injured person slipped off a culvert and fractured their foot/ankle. There were also 10 incidents of 7+ Day RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) reported for this period.
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