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Leases signed to reopen Aln Valley Railway

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27 Sep 2009
AN ambitious scheme to re-open the disused Alnmouth Station to Alnwick railway line has reached an ‘important milestone’, which could see trains operating later this year.

The exciting project took the huge step forward yesterday when the Aln Valley Railway Trust (AVRT) and the Northumberland Estates signed the lease which will allow the first construction elements of the railway to begin almost immediately.

It is hoped that there will be some limited running of short trains by the end of this summer and visitors will be able to come to the site to see the construction progress.

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21 Dec 2007
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The prospects of an operational railwy from the mainline station at Alnmouth into Anlwick is quite exciting, whether it is aimed for passenger services or heritage enjoyment. That small market town has see a decent amount of growth, new enterprise and high volumes of tourism.

But it won't do that. Unless anyone finds the capital to bridge the A1 road, then it will leave passengers stranded in a business park on the wrong side of the A1, not very close to any existing bridge, and over 2kms away from the town and another km away from the tourist attractions.

In fact there's already a viaduct on that old line which, in my amateur opinion, will require some serious attention before passengers are permitted to be carried over it.

Yest another heritage railway which doesn't go anywhere. And it could be such an asset.
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