Leeds - Wigan via Rochdale. (NRE itinerary mystery)

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Ivo, 29 Oct 2011.

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  1. Ivo

    Ivo Established Member

    8 Jan 2010
    Bath (or Southend)
    Can someone explain this?

    Attempting a search for Leeds to Wigan via Rochdale, I have found a very peculiar anomaly. Essentially, NRE indicates that changing trains only at Manchester Victoria on this route is not permitted, even though there are obviously trains between LDS-MCV and MCV-WGW. However, it *is* suggesting that this is permitted if you also change train at Salford Crescent for a service to Southport, again via WGW.

    How does this work? How can this work?


    To further confuse the issue, it is now saying that if you travel on an NT RCD-WGW service, even from MCV, the ticket is valid without change!
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  3. yorkie

    yorkie Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    6 Jun 2005
    How does NRE make this claim?
    Permitted routes for Leeds-Wigan are as follows:-

    Valid Routes from Leeds [LDS] to Wigan North Western [WGN]:

    1. Direct trains from Leeds to Wigan Wallgate
    2. Shortest Route: 61.25 miles
      • Leeds
      • Dewsbury
      • Mirfield
      • Deighton
      • Huddersfield
      • Slaithwaite
      • Marsden (Yorks)
      • Greenfield
      • Mossley (Manchester)
      • Stalybridge
      • Ashton-under-Lyne
      • Manchester Victoria
      • Salford Central
      • Salford Crescent
      • Swinton (Manchester)
      • Moorside
      • Walkden
      • Atherton
      • Hag Fold
      • Daisy Hill
      • Hindley
      • Ince (Manchester)
      • Wigan Wallgate
    3. Mapped Routes:

    Permitted routes are not affected by where you change trains.
    Again, I can only say that permitted routes are not affected by this, though if the entire journey can be made without a change then it's valid without consulting the RG.

    I don't bother using the National Rail website to check for itineraries because:
    1) It can't sell tickets anyway;
    2) It will give itineraries that are not valid on one ticket, which then means you have to check whether multiple tickets are required;
    3) It's difficult to use, in my opinion.

    The journey you want is valid on maps WY + GM + NW
    WebTIS is happy to sell an itinerary changing at [stn]MCV[/stn].
  4. Lampshade

    Lampshade Established Member

    3 Sep 2009
    South London
    Cracked it!

    It's basically telling you the cheapest combination is to split at Manchester Victoria, buy a LDS - MCV CDS @ £14.70 then a MCV - WGW single @ £3.50, which is altogether cheaper than the through fare (£19.30).
  5. yorkie

    yorkie Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    6 Jun 2005
    But it's claiming that you "need" to buy two tickets for the journey, and I can't find any other journeys where it offers a combination of tickets in order to undercut the cost of one ticket.
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