leicester and london local trains to brentford

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29 Jun 2005
going to brentford yesterday, i didn't want to use the tube. so i planned a different route which enabled me to get some photos. no unit numbers as my book is at home!!

i got an earlier train then i planned, the 0715 leeds-st pancras. very easy run, with supposedly giant haystacks' son :?: working as a senior steward on board doing my cup of coffee. arrived at STP on time.

it didn't take long to walk to euston-about 8 mins. as i passed the british library they were having a security alert, as do most places these days in london no doubt.

arrived in enough time to catch the 1108 to watford junction, getting off at willesden junction. after seeing a dustybin parked up i hoped i'd get one, but if i remember rightly it was a "merseyrail" train - a 508.

when i got to willesden, i went the wrong way twice(always seems to happen to me)but managed to find my way onto a packed 313 to richmond, getting off at kew gardens.

a nice walk over kew bridge to kew bridge next, and my first trip on a desiro, to weybridge - 450050 i think it was on a 3 minute journey.

on the way back, 450064 back to waterloo was understandably packed. i got off again at kew bridge, walked over to kew gardens to catch a 313 back to willesden, again very busy.

when i got there it was announced that there were problems on the watford-euston line :shock: my train pulled in and it seemed to be ages waiting for the road, and we pulled in 15 mins later. however, i got back to euston in time for my train to leicester.

the guard/senior steward were checking tickets before boarding-not seen that too often- and it was down to one bloke on his own to shut all the doors on a hst. at a mainline station!

i was surprised that there's no toilet on the local trains, but they were clean and ran ok. the desiros, for the brief time i was on them, weren't bad either.
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6 Jun 2005
You could have gone a different way back, by taking Weybridge to Waterloo (via Surbiton) and then Waterloo East-London Bridge, London Bridge- King's Cross Thameslink. ;) And if you'd gone back to Leeds from King's Cross you would not have covered the same tracks twice! (except Leeds-Wakefield/Doncaster, unless you got a GNER via Hambleton.... ;) )
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