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Leicester rennovation

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17 Oct 2011
I'm having trouble finding plans for the Leicester station rennovation. Are they around anywhere?

I heard (can't remember where, might have been here) that they are planning possible extra platforms. Not sure where these would go. I imagine one could fit on the car park side (adjacent the current Platform 1); the other side has sidings which are curved and would be difficult to squeeze a platform in I'd imagine.

If new platforms are added, will some of the London services become through trains?

Would also be interested in how the concourse is going to be laid out. I believe the plan was to (somehow) "turn the station around" and have a business district around it. I can't imagine in my head how that would be done, but again can't find anything online.
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26 May 2010
I’ve only been to Leicester Station a couple of times, but it seems to me like two extra platforms could be accommodated to the south east side of the station (the opposite side to the car park).

There are currently four sidings and a goods line at that location. The sidings closest to the station could be converted into a through line, and the other three sidings could be removed and replaced by an island platform. The goods line could then be the other face for the island platform.

However I’m not sure that the easternmost platform would be long enough for full length London trains. In order to maintain the points for the sidings north of the station, the last platform (call it platform 6 if you will) would have to start further down than platform 5. Platform 5 should be OK for full length trains.

I don’t know what this would achieve though. As far as I can tell the line south of Leicester station (as far as the triangular junction whose name I forget) has only 3 tracks. From memory I think these are (from west to east) down, up and goods. If this section was four-tracked, then you could have two tracks serving the line to Nuneaton, and two serving the line to London. Depending on the layout chosen, this may involve a flyover either north of the station or at this triangular junction.

This would then provide bags of capacity and would enable faster / more frequent services between Leicester and Birmingham (something I think is needed). It might then even be worth routing one cross country service an hour (eg the Newcastle) through Nottingham, Leicester and Nuneaton instead of Derby, Burton and Tamworth. The demographics would probably stand up for this.


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26 Sep 2011
Can't come quick enough. They need to bring it up to Derby's standards.
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