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Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by kieron, 3 Jun 2015.

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  1. kieron

    kieron Established Member

    22 Mar 2012
    Connah's Quay
    I looked at live departure board for Chester last night. It gave the status of the 22:56 for Holyhead as 22:39 (or something like that) instead of being on time or anything like that. I then checked on realtimetrains, and it was shown as having left Chester 17 minutes early (again, I don't remember the exact number).

    When I got to the station, the train was listed as "delayed" on the board by the platform (the main board was displaying something about strikes instead of showing the next few trains, so I didn't get to see if that tallied).

    I looked later on, and it was listed as "on time" on live departure board, and similarly on realtimetrains (I notice that this shows a different platform to the one actually used, but that's not unusual).

    Is anyone able to shed any light on what was going on?
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  3. greatkingrat

    greatkingrat Established Member

    20 Jan 2011
    Maybe the signaller mixed up the headcodes so when an earlier train departed, the information systems thought it was the 2256?
  4. ADRboy

    ADRboy Member

    13 Jul 2008
    ^^ Sounds like the most likely situation.
  5. Flying Snail

    Flying Snail Member

    12 Dec 2006
    Maybe it was a set swap. That service normally arrives at 22.34 and sits at CTR for 20 minutes, if it had turfed out the passengers and gone to the depot it could have been given a false dep time for the ECS move with the replacement set then generating the correct service departure time
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