Liverpool and Manchester, back to four track?

Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by 507 001, 13 Nov 2011.

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  1. 507 001

    507 001 Established Member

    3 Dec 2008
    Hi Guys,

    Can anybody tell me how much truth there is in this?

    (from the Auran N3V trainz Forum)

    I thought this was just a rumour? It will be great if it happens, but I'll believe it when I see it!

    It could explain the huge amount of foliage clearance thats just been done in Roby and Huyton Stations, although I assumed that was just for leaf-fall purposes?
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  3. brad465

    brad465 Member

    11 Aug 2010
    If the work has been indeed been payed for, then it's highly likley that is the reason for the tree felling. ;)
  4. DavidL

    DavidL Member

    26 Feb 2009
    Hi Rob,

    I'm afraid there's no real significant details* (we know that the work, or a subset of it, has appeared in a RUS / Hub plan), but I started a thread about the Veg clearance at Roby, which may be worth a read:

    * - I think the significant detail was that four tracking will/probably occur somewhere between Broadgreen and Roby, and may run to Huyton Jct, past Huyton Jct, or not quite to Huyton Jct ;)

  5. John55

    John55 Member

    24 Jun 2011
    South East
    The NR website has in the Northern Hub area a document called "The Manchester Hub Rail Study". (The name has changed since to Northern Hub)
    This in option 2 (the one being taken forward) has the following statement

    5.26 Broad Green –
    Huyton four-tracking

    Two additional electrified tracks over
    two miles, including Roby and Huyton
    stations, with associated resignalling

    Improved capacity allowing freight
    and stopping services to recess.

    The junction for the extra tracks has to be some distance east of Broad Green as the track has to slew from the old slow lines through Broad Green station to the other side of the formation to take up former fast line path. So the 2 miles mentioned above would cover as far a Huyton Junction.

    When I passed the vegetation clearance at Roby a week or so ago it looked as though a haul road was being created to allow plant road access to Roby station from Huyton station were there is road access. There is a stone arch road bridge at the west end of Roby station platforms which will require some work to achieve electrification clearances and new access will be required for the electrification work anyway.
  6. pablo

    pablo Member

    30 Apr 2010
    53N 3W The blue planet
    When I were a lad it were four tracks all the way from Edge Hill to Huyton. Fast on southern side. Dare say M62 b*88ered that up.
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