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Liverpool mayor demands power to ban extremists

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23 Jan 2009
Liverpool Echo said:
Mayor Joe Anderson repeated his demand to be given the power to ban far-right rallies in Liverpool after the shocking scenes of violence which took place in the city centre over the weekend.

Police reinforcements from Manchester were needed to assist Merseyside police in dealing with the disorder which at times threatened to get out of control.

A total of 34 men were arrested after members of a neo-Nazi group, led by the Manchester-based North West Infidels, clashed with anti-fascist activists outside St George’s Hall.

Missiles including bottles, fireworks, smoke bombs, and heavy cobblestones were hurled into the crowd, leading to one police officer being taken to hospital suffering from concussion.

A 21-year-old student, Abbie James , could also be scarred for life after being hit by a missile thrown by far-right protestors during the city centre disturbance.

Mayor Anderson said he would be writing to Home Secretary Theresa May to say that authority to ban such marches from taking place in the city should be given to him as the senior elected representative.

He made a similar demand when far-right pressure group National Action attempted to hold a “White Man March” in Liverpool last year.

Only the Home Secretary currently has the power to ban extremist marches from taking place.

Mayor Anderson said: “I am asking for a change in the law to give mayors the ability to stop these events taking place. This isn’t about banning free speech, but about banning people who incite racial hatred and Nazi views.

“These people have no place in this city. The Mayor and elected representatives should be able to stop such groups coming in. They are not here to air their views, but to cause violence and anti-social behaviour.

“The appalling scenes we witnessed also disrupted business and caused huge emotional upset to people visiting the city centre. The cost will run into many thousands, not only in terms of policing, but also the clean-up operation.”

He added: “As the city’s senior elected representative, I should have the final say on whether these marches should be allowed to take place, not the Home Secretary.”

The clean-up operation included removing swastikas that were daubed on the wall of St George’s Hall where the far-right group were penned in by police to prevent clashes with anti-fascist protesters.

Merseyside Police confirmed that officers from Greater Manchester Police supported the Force during the protests on St George’s Plateau and accompanied the protestors on a train back to Manchester.


Louise Ellman was on BBC North West Tonight last night and she said people intending to get to and from Lime Street station were affected.

Apparently the far right group had been planning to protest in Manchester but at the last minute they decided to get on a train to Liverpool and to protest there instead.
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7 Aug 2005
Can we also get powers to have the Mayor of Liverpool banned from leaving Liverpool?


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20 Oct 2014
"Marston Vale mafia"
I love the idea that it is claiming not to be a limit on free speech.

It is a limit on free speech. It may be a justified limit, but lying about what it is is rather Orwellian.
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