LNERCA Set put out of action on the NYMR

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  1. BrunswickGreen

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    12 Jun 2015
    As an LNERCA member I do take exception to your comment. The damage done to the Teak set on the NYMR is not a joking matter in any sense of the word.There is another phrase 'mud sticks'. Think first then think again before such a posting.
  2. Clarence Yard

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    18 Dec 2014
    I understood it as a joke but as one of the original pair of (preservation) owners of 1623 and having put a fair amount of money into it over the years, that joke, for me, left a bit of a nasty after taste. Perhaps it's best we should leave it there and all move on.

    The need for proper undercover accommodation for now unique vehicles, such as 1623, isn't confined to the NYMR but the sooner they can get on with it, the better.
  3. YorkshireBear

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    23 Jul 2010

    I didn't want to though so shall maintain that I do not have an ounce of decency.

    For the Record

    1. I am really pleased that NYMR have managed to put together a successful bid to get coach accommodation, I imagine it will be the envy of the heritage railway movement. Many cannot afford any form of shelter. And while i am in no way pleased about the damage, the silver lining of it is that it has encouraged some attention and no doubt financial donations which should help the NYMR match the funding to unlock the full amount? It has focussed the minds of NYMR personnel that this project is vital to the railway, and may focus the minds of others as well.

    2. I am really pleased that the National Lottery now seem to value preserving the railway, ie spending on civil engineering renewals. The unappealing and unthankful task left to some of us to do so on a shoestring. We saw what happened to the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire railway. My hope is one day that money could equally be spent on Earthworks jobs which are of equal importance.

    3. I am really pleased that opening up access to disabled is seen as worthwhile. We live in a different world and adapting mk1s to suit is a massive step forward. By including more sections of society in everything we do, we reduce isolation and the risk of further mental issues that can ensue. We create a more healthy society along with it. The same applies for ethnic minorities, which I would be really interested to hear of schemes to get them more involved.

    4. Well done to whoever at the NYMR put this bid together as to get such a sum is a huge achievement.
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  4. lyndhurst25

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    26 Nov 2010
    Culprits sentenced. From the Yorkshire Post, 10th May 2018 -

  5. underbank

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    26 Jan 2013
    As usual, pathetic "punishments" that bear no relationship to the damage/inconvenience caused. When will the country wake up and start dishing out some real punishments for crime?
  6. BestWestern

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    6 Feb 2011
    Surely the ideal punishment here would have been a community service order requiring the offending scumbags to supply free labour back to the railway? Nothing as exciting as playing trains obviously, but every operating saturday and sunday cleaning toilets and sweeping a platform would seem entirely appropriate and proportional, along with the compensation orders. Perhaps the option to do something more involved and rewarding later on if the right attitude and some interest develops, but the shame of looking their victims in the face every weekend as a minimum if not.

    As for the excuses, "thought the coaches were abandoned" - what, whilst sat in them consuming the fresh food and drink they were laden with? Why do courts allow this sort of utterly moronic drivel from solicitors, do judges and magistrates not get irritated at having their intelligence insulted?!
  7. Macwomble

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    15 Dec 2016
    There was a time when some of those on a CSO were allocated to the NYMR....at the station where I volunteer. They proved to be a complete waste of time, in fact they treated it more like a day out in the country. End result we "got rid" & ended up getting on far better ourselves without their "assistance".

    STEVIEBOY1 Established Member

    31 Jul 2010
    Will the NYMR Get any compensation?
  9. philthetube

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    5 Jan 2016
    The compenstation awarded should be for the total amount of damage cost, even if time to pay spread over a long period
  10. XDM

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    9 Apr 2016
    The problem is even adult offenders can dodge out of paying fines and compensation by saying they haven't got the money when they are eventually brought back to court for non payment of fines.
    The court will inevitably write off the debt because they are only told the fine/compensation is outstanding, not the circumstances of the crime. They just have an apparently contrite person before them saying their life is crippled by having to pay a fine they can't afford.

    Memo for the criminally minded.
    If you are likely to face a custodial sentence, invent ill relatives who depend entirely on you & also say you will loose your job if you go to prison. The court has no investigative arm to test this. Offer to pay a fine instead & say because of your good job you will pay it off it six months. Do not pay a penny. When eventually brought to court for non payment of fine say you lost your "pretend,well paid" job because you got a criminal offence & so you have no money for paying the large fine. The court will see you as a victim who should not be burdened with a fine you cannot pay & it will be "remitted" court jargon for written off.
    So you can smash lovingly restored carriages for fun & you & your mates know nothing will happen. Hence why we have so many criminals.
  11. BestWestern

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    6 Feb 2011
    Does the court not have the ability to check your employment status; indeed don't they ask you that prior to sentencing etc?

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