Locomotive-hauled passenger train sets... who has them, and how many?

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6 Mar 2012
I am aware that passenger services run by locomotives hauling carriages are more uncommon now than they have ever been, so I am wondering which operators still have sets and how many they have, and what they use them for? I know that FGW and EC have a lot of HST sets (and the class 91/Mark 4 equivalent) but not how many, or anything about the other operators.
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16 Nov 2009
Chiltern have a number of 67+Mk3+DVT sets running between London and Birmingham. Virgin have one 90+Mk3+DVT set that is used for charters and until recently hauled one service on Friday evening and occasionally other days of the week (it's future is now in doubt due to the arrival of additional 390s). ATW have one return trip per weekday between Holyhead and Cardiff (southbound in the morning, northbound in the evening) that is 67+Mk2(TSO)+Mk3(TRFB) and is sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government. Greater Anglia's London to Norwich service is operated by 90+Mk3+DVT formations and there were until recently some 47+Mk3 workings between Greater Yarmouth and Norwich. ScotRail operate a 67+Mk2 service on peak time Fife Circle services. There are also the FGW and ScotRail sleepers that are Mk3 and Mk2 vehicles (the FGW is Mk3 throughout) and hauled by 57s on FGW and 90s and 67s on ScotRail.


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15 Apr 2009
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A rather brief post but this are some quick ones for you:

First Great Western also operates the Night Rivera, with 4 57/6s and Mk3s,

Arriva Trains Wales operates the WAG Express, now operated with 67s instead of 57/3s and Mk2s - standard - and a Mk3 RFM.

Scotrail i think, still has a daily Fife Circle diagram, as well as the Caladonian Sleeper - Class 90 hauled from London Euston to Edinburgh / Glasgow, Class 67 Worked to Fort William, Inverness & Aberdeen.

Greater Anglia - Most Norwich to Liverpool street Express services are Class 90 & DVT worked, as well as the occasional Norwich loco hauled diagram - usually top and tail 47s with 2Mk3s and a DVT.

Virgin Trains - Pretendolino - Hired Class 90 from Freightliner, with reliveried VT Mk3s & DVT, as used on London Euston to Birmingham New Street services - as needed, and a Fridays only to Crewe.

And then theres the Chiltern Mainline sets - ex Wrexham & Shropshire -running between Birmingham Moor Street & London Marylebone, and the 'Scratchpot' set used on a morning and evening peak Banbury to Marylebone services.

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22 Feb 2011
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Not forgetting the Saturday 0850 Euston-Holyhead Pendolino hauled from Crewe away from the wires by a class 57. Returns from Holyhead at 1438.

Also other similar 57+390 combinations during West Coast engineering works.
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