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London 18/03/06

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
The day started by rushing to each platform looking for the 14:12 Hertford East
It was on platform 7
I managed to get it 30 seconds before the doors closed
We stopped at Hackney Downs
What impressed me a lot was the roar of the 317 in the Tunnels
I've spent some time waiting for the 317/7 , but I think there were 1/2 317/7 out and the rest were 317/6
I took 15s03 317666 back to liverpool st
Then to KXSP to see 47826, so i left the station and went to Goods Way
Then to Victoria line platforms to KXTL and I took 319220 :razz: first class was declassified so I had the chance to relax "SOUTHERN" style :razz:
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