London Delights and Surprises! on 25/11/2006

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
I met Memmy at Earl's Court , we then took the Train to Northfields.
We went to the depot entrance only to find out that the TRT wasn't in the Battery Loco Sidings, so we then went to Boston Manor, I only realised that i have forgotten my memory card, so Memmy kindly lent his, and i took photos with it. There we found out that the TRT was parked in Road 12. After that we went to Heathrow T4, to go on HEX to T123, we found out that it was suspended due to engineering works, so then Piccadilly Line to Acton Town.
At Acton Town we met TomL. We took photos of the 73TS coming in and out.
Then we went to Green Park and then As the doors were closing on the 67TS , Memmy got left on the platform. So me and TomL took the train to Finsbury Park, while approaching Finsbury Park we raced against a 73TS into the Station. We met Memmy again at the station and we went to platform 3. Funny enough we saw 4 GNER Mallards in 10mins all heading Northbound! :o. Then Memmy and TomL left for Hornsey while I needed some 67TS E-Thrash and took it to King's Cross.
At King's Cross I met Ramel and Joshua (Galvanise), we then saw 47703+Mk2+31128 arrive. I also met John Glover (not author).Then 31128 started up :D . Then Ramel left, and then 67021 arrived into KX Loco Sidings. Then I saw Memmy and TomL at KX again, so then we said farewell to Galvanise and headed to King's Cross Thameslink and headed to West Hampstead Thameslink. Then we saw a HST roaring past us. Then we went to West Hampstead NLL, while we waited for the 313, we saw a Container with an Old Freightliner Logo on!, then we took the train to Camden Road.
Then we walked to Camden Town, whilst walking we saw a Routemaster on a Rail Replacement Bus Serivce. Outside Camden Town station we met Ramel again, and we struggled to get through the crowds, and then we went to Hampstead Station. There we met two girls and walked to Belsize Park Station from Hampstead Station. Then We took Northern Line to Euston, and I gave Memmy the Memory Card back, and I said farewell to everybody, and now I rushed to Baker St to catch 16:40 Express to Harrow on the Hill, drat i missed it by 5 seconds! A Watford Train comes in Late so that's the first train to leave after the Amersham one. At Harrow on the Hill, I gave up and returned to Wembley Park!, there , Train 710 Rail Adhension Train comes in on Platform to stop in order for the Shunt Signal to co-operate! :mrgreen: , it only stopped for 5 seconds and it came so bloody 30mins early! :razz:
What an enjoyable day!

3 HSTs at KX at the same time
Train 710 (Trailer 6036) Rail Adhension Train
Seeing the TRT! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Seeing the Routemaster at Camden
Crowds at Camden Town
Forgetting my memory card

Worse Bits
My Oyster Card

Memmy- Memorex

I'll upload the photos by next Friday (1.12.2006)
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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005

2 Questions:

1) Why do you need to write in bold?
2) Why do you have to write 'memmy'? Sounds rediculous...!


To Jordy
1) The font i have used is System
2) That's Memorex for short

To Memorex
When will you upload the photos!
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