London flying visit - advice required

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15 Jan 2011
Having never ventured into the capital for years, or indeed South of Watford, I've found myself with nearly 3 hours in the capital on Good Friday. I'll be arriving at 10:15 into St Pancras and need to be on a 13:00 out of Marlybone.

What's the best stations/locations to visit to see a variety of units/locos? Will quite happily go from station to station on the tube but I don't know which ones you can even get on the platforms and also how long it'll take to get between them....?

Any help much appreciated
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3 Mar 2010
Well I'd start off having a butchers at St. Pancras, you can see Class 43's, the brand new 395's and see the Eurostars. Then walk over the road to Kings Cross and see more 43's and the 91's (un-gated on some platforms, often left ungated anyway) and 365/317/321's and the 180's then walk up to Euston, and take the Overground to Willesden Junction, go up to the top level platforms to get the NNL either

A) to Clapham Junction to see everything there then up to Victoria and circle line to Edgware Road and then H&C to Baker Street


B) NNL to Stratford to see the mix of two tubes, two dlr's, Freight, and the GEML, then go into Liverpool Street. Or, take the downstairs DLR or Jubilee to West Ham for a c2c to Fenchurch Street, then Circle from Tower Hill to Baker Street, change/walk to Marylebone

I think that should be doable in three hours, however as it is good Friday the frequencies might be less,engineering works etc. also, that's not necessarily a good route for spotting in the traditional sense, but good for looking out the window and travelling over different routes/stock etc.
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13 May 2008
By Good Friday the whole of Kings Cross will be barriered with poor visibility of the platforms from outside the barriers.
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