London loco super extravaganza!

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25 Jun 2005
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Left home at 6;08. 3 min wait for the bus to take me to Elephant, then the tube to Paddington, arrived at 0710. 47703/47712 TnT on the Devonian. 57602/5 on the sleeper. Then I went to KGX, ex DRS 33025 arrived late, good driver thrashed up into the station to pull the Lincolnshire Poacher out of Gasworks. 47826 was on rear, then hauled it back out 30 down. Mild clag. Then over to Vic, 67002/60009 on the VSOE tour to Oxford. Thought it was Tangmere again, so I never pictured it.

After that, I went to Cannon Street, where Sprinter and Galvanise were waiting for the late Fool. 73107 pulled in with 73136 on rear. Then the driver started up the diesel! A good show of clag. At London Bridge, I saw Harold. They switched off the diesel. Then I took the 10:07 Turbostar to Croydon, then a 377 to Clapham, where diesel mode 73209+73206 with ballast paused for a couple of minutes en route to Gunnersbury. After that, I went to Waterloo on 158786, before a trip to Marylebone to see the 12:15 TnT kettles leave. Then I went home.

I left home at 14:40 and took the 14:52 Forest Hill to LBG. I went to Oxford Street, then off to Marylebone to take the 16:30 to South Ruislip. 5 mins after I arrived, the Chiltern steamer stormed through. Also saw 66157 with empty flats rushing towards Greenford. I then headed for Brockley, but the Fool passed me on the way, which was racing a Turbostar! So I went to LBG to phot it.

On the 19:24 London Bridge-Victoria train home, I was joined by Joy54, Metrocammel and Jonathan Lewis.

It was a superb day-a whopping 13 hours-four 73s, three 47s, two 57s, one 33, 3 kettles and haulage behind a diesel powered 73. Absolutely fantastic, I hope to have many more days like it!

Morals of the day;
The Tube can be extremely temperamental
47703 can clag
33s sound cool
73136 can clag
73136 CANNOT beat a 171 in a race.
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14 Jun 2005
Walthamstow, London
You're right, 73136 cannot beat a Flymo, as on the run to London Bridge the Fool was routed on teh up slow, whilst 171805 was bearing upon the Fool on the up fast at around Sydenham. It finally got past the Fool at NXG!

Both lines had straight green signals as well!
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