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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Pauldubs, 30 Oct 2011.

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  1. Pauldubs

    Pauldubs Member

    8 Jul 2011
    Looking at the Routing Guide it seems I can travel London - Manchester using an Off Peak 'any permitted' ticket @£46.20 from:
    Euston (via any of the 'direct' routes & via Wolverhampton)
    Paddington (via Reading and XC)
    St Pancras (via Sheffield)

    As route from St Pancras goes through Chesterfield why is there a (sometimes) more expensive 'via Chesterfield' fare shown as it appear the A/P ticket is valid?
    Could I also travel from Marylebone to Birmingham (Moor Street) and walk to New Street for onward connection? Routing guide would suggest I can as GM +CM +GC is a valid route. (I've a mind to try the Chiltern 'silver' trains)

    If it helps I have a senior railcard and time is not important.

    Many thanks Pauldubs
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  3. Phil6219

    Phil6219 Member

    15 Jul 2011
    Manchester, UK
    I can't really answer your specific queries however I used to do Manchester - London (and return) around twice a month until recently.

    I never had a problem going from St Pancras to Sheffield and then over the Hope Valley line to Manchester, it takes longer but as I always had a IC125 on the MML I much preferred it. The 185 over the Pennines though is the punishment to bring back the "comfort equilibrium" :)

    Regarding walking from Moor Street to New Street, I can not see a problem with this as you are simply continuing your journey. In the past I have had to walk from Warrington Central to WBQ to get a train back to Manchester and have not had a problem.

    Phil 8-)
  4. OwlMan

    OwlMan Established Member

    25 Jun 2008
    Bedworth, Warwickshire
    That is incorrect - that only applies to routes not listed in the routeing guide. London - Manchester via Sheffield is a mapped route and therefore is valid on a any permitted ticket.
    There is no requirement to check fares when looking at mapped routes in the National Routeing Guide (except is it is neccessary to "fares check" routeing points

  5. island

    island Established Member

    30 Dec 2010
    Don't have anything to add regarding routeing but remember your ticket can be used on Virgin Trains without regard to the off-peak time restrictions as long as you use only Virgin services.
  6. Ticket Man

    Ticket Man Member

    17 Jul 2009
    The Concrete Box
    Yes there is a naughty ticket routed "via chesterfield" which is more expensive that the any perm and yes Marylebone to Moor St and then New St on is a valid route.

    As Island mentioned though, If you travel with Virgin, provided you are carrying a valid railcard your Off peak return to Manchester will be valid on any Virgin service regardless of peak time restrictions.
  7. hairyhandedfool

    hairyhandedfool Established Member

    14 Apr 2008
    There are two levels of 'walk up' fare for 'Rte Any Permitted', Anytime and Off Peak. There are three levels of 'walk up' fare for 'Rte Chesterfield', Anytime, Off Peak and Super Off Peak.

    Rte Chesterfield

    SSR: £69 (CJ) Valid to depart St Pancras between 1026-1515 and after 1859 and return arriving after 1129 Mon-Fri
    SVR: £98.50 (9J) Valid to depart St Pancras between 0901-1629 and after 1859 and return arriving after 1005 Mon-Fri
    SOR: £196 Valid at any time

    Rte Any Permitted

    SVR: £70 (9I) Valid to depart St Pancras between 1026-1515 and after 1859 and return arriving after 1129 Mon-Fri
    SOR: £279 Valid at any time

    So as far as I can see, it is never cheaper to get a 'Rte Any Pertmitted' fare for travel from London St Pancras to Manchester and back via Chesterfield.

    However, the 'Rte Any Permitted fare is still valid via Chesterfield as it is shown in the Routeing Guide.
  8. LexyBoy

    LexyBoy Established Member Fares Advisor

    23 Jan 2009
    North of the rivers
    As is usually the case, the alternative routeing has different (more generous) time restrictions. (edit: beaten to it! Also I realise that I checked the reverse direction; the below validity codes apply to MAN-London tickets).

    "Any Permitted" SVR at £69.00 - restriction 2C, valid into Euston or St P after 1130.
    "Rte: Chesterfield" SVR at £98.50 - restriction 7E , valid into St P at or after 1005
    "Rte: Chesterfield" SSR at £70.00 - restriction CI arrival at or after 1129.

    The SVR is thus a cheaper option for those wanting to avoid Virgin's massive Anytime fares and short "Off Peak" windows. The SSR I would agree is naughty as it serves no purpose - it is effectively identical to the £69 ticket and has the same validity (being more expensive than the Any Permitted, it is valid on the same routes).

    The existence of this fare could be down to EMT pushing the price up to above that of the the Any Permitted for a variety of reasons - not realising the price of the "competing" ticket, not understanding the Routeing Guide, or trying to discourage travel on this route at certain times.

    Unfortunately NRE and some booking engines interpret this incorrectly, offering only the more expensive routed fare - as in this case and the thread a while ago regarding Manchester-Reading (where there is an Any Permitted, valid via London, and a more expensive London fare)
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