London Meet-dozens of locos!

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25 Jun 2005
Rail replacement bus cab
Well, I left home at 09:20 and caught the 09:29 Forest Hill-London Bridge, where I took the first L&SER 465 to Waterloo East. Then I took the 10:03 to Clapham Junction.

First loco of the day was 47712. As I got to Clapham Junction, I saw it sitting outside the shed. I went halfway down the subway, but I heard the horn :(. I could only get a rear pic of the 47 + MK1 service car. Then I met Julian G and Coxster. Class 313, swt455 and 73109 were also there, but were on a seperate meet. So we briefly said our hellos then we rushed off to catch the 10:35 service to Willesden Junction.

47709+47703 were supposed to be doing 09:00 Norwich-Oxley via the NLL with an update of them passing Marks Tey at 10:56. That was rather fruitless, as we spent until 12:45 at Camden Road/Highbury and Islington and it never showed up! There were several other locos though including 66705!

We went to St Pancras and met Yorkie, Chris J and Metrocammel. We all made it to Euston in time for the 14:04 to Harrow and Wealdstone. Then we took a 313 to Headstone Lane. 66232 + 185111 passed through bang on time, then 90043 + 86501 sped down southbound. Then we went to a nice bridge which was already occupied by enthusiasts. 37069+37059 passed through on time.

We went back to Harrow and Wealdstone and waited for the Mail Train, which was worked by 87002. The lot of us then met Class 313, swt455 and 73109 again, and we went back to Euston together, where we split up again and waved goodbye to Chris J.

The remainder of us went to Wandsworth Road, where we saw a few 373s, 375610 (blue and gold) and 37602+37218 working the flasks to Willesden. There was a sticker on the bridge saying "Watch out, this is a nuclear waste route!"

The four of us went to Clapham Junction, where Coxster headed home and I also went home, leaving Yorkie, Julian G and Metrocammel.

Was a good day for the trains!
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