London Stuff 30/09/06

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Today, I left home at 14:15, and I headed from West Brompton Station, I brought myself a single ticket to Harrow & Wealdstone, but the machine gave me the cheapest option which was £4.30 Zone 2-6 ticket.
After that I went to platform 4 to wait for the 14:42 Silverlink Metro, I just found out it was cancelled :( , so I saw a C-stock coming to platform 2 and I quickly rushed for it and managed to catch it! :)
I got off at Earl's Court at platform 2 and headed for platform 4, but as i approached the stairs leading down to platform 3/4, there was a massive crowd of Chelsea Football Club Fans waiting for the Wimbledon trains to come and take them to Fulham Broadway, i decided to wait on the stairs.
Soon I found out that the Olympia shuttle was suspended, so I left Earl's Court station and turned right , walked past Tescos, Homebase until i got Kensington High Street, and turned left quickly rushing over the bridge and i arrived at the station at 15:00. Silverlink Metro Services were suspended until 15:47
So I waited for my Southern Train to arrive which was the 15:12 (15:14 dep)
and took it to Harrow & Wealdstone, we passed 313119 heading to Clapham Junction
I got off at Harrow & Wealdstone and I saw a lot of people waiting for their train, a lot of 321s,390s seen as well all terminating at harrow, there was one 390 which stayed for 30mins and then left, after 17:00, Virgin Trains were allowed to go to Euston but still stopped at Harrow for the Silverlink County Passengers. I saw 90046 at Harrow in the pouring rain, it sounded it's horn and it was very loud! :D and then out of the blue 66711 brings sunshine with it :), and then came the Pendo for Euston, the 17:35 calling at Euston only, it was just normal, no set-down at all! and I boarded the train with my Oyster card! and i left Euston station to go to King's Cross to take the photo of the 19:00 HST departure :)
After that I went home via Victoria and Earl's Court
This is what I saw today
North Pole
2 325s,2 313s and 2 08s
90046,92001,92015,66113,66071,92028,92007,66141,87006,390029 and a TPE 185
Harrow & Wealdstone
King's Cross

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