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19 Jun 2005
Hi Guys,
Earlier this week, I went on the scotland meet and had a really great time. I left home at 14:20 and headed up to my local station in Folkestone. My plan was to take a train to Ashford and try and get a networker refurb to Victoria. I got to the station and bought a network away break to London. I then boarded the 14:44 375 to Ashford, in the hope that I'd get a networker refurb or at least a remaining slammer. Just my luck, I found another 375. I took it to Victoria and then headed for the ticket machines. After around 20 minutes of waiting in line, I finally managed to buy a Single from Victoria - Zone 1 for 60p. It was now nearing 5pm, so I knew I better get over to Euston quickly. I took the Victoria Line and headed to collect my tickets.

Disaster :shock: . They had apparantly no record of me ever making a reservation. I then tried to phone First Scotrail but they were unavaliable. I guessed it must just be my phone so I tried a call box. I was half way through the conversation when the phone ran out of credit and it went dead. I thought about calling back but I didn't want to be put on hold for ages and have listen to that f***ing indian music. I then rang my mum and asked her to contact first scotrail. When she rang me back, they had said they too had no record of my booking but there were still plenty of berths left and I was to enquire when the train came in. I headed round to the ticket office, where I purchased a Child saver Return from London - Kyle of Lochalsh for £57.85.

I then realised that I was starting to get hungry so I bought a croissant from Paul and a bottle of sparkling water from a newsagents. I went outside and sat on a table to eat and drink. Since the others wouldn't be arriving for a couple of hours yet, I decided to take a small trip around ctrl london. I took the 30 from Euston -Kings Cross, the Northern Line to Old Street and a Wagn/Nse 313 6 car to Moorgate. At Moorgate, I reboarded the Northern Line one stop to Bank and made my way to Monument. From Monument, I took the Circle Via Liverpool Street to Euston Square and had a walk back to Euston.

Back at Euston, I looked at the boards and saw the Sleeper was being prepared. I had a wander about and found it sitting in platform 15. I also met Chris and we both headed down to find the train manager. Afterward, we headed back up to the concourse to wait for the others. At around 8:55, Yorkie, Harold, Seth, Damon, James and Steven arrived and we all headed to board the Caledonian. Me, yorkie, james, seth and chris all headed to our cabins and then went and sat in the first class dining car. After running out of my water, I bought another bottle. We left Euston with a ecs pendo, which we overtook.

On approaching Watford, the sleeper was trasferred from the down fast to the down slow for some reason. Saw a lot of sl 321's in the sidings at Bletchley, with a fge one in the background.

Part 2 to be continued.....................
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9 Jun 2005
Just to add, me, Steven and Harold were away from the others as we didn't have berths. Our trip very fun. No-one in the coach selept due to the heat so we were by the droplights till about 2am ;) I look forward to hearing what the 5 berth-people got upto...


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6 Jun 2005
A little tip: get a ticket to somewhere like Finsbury Park or Acton Main Line (or, in my case to Clapham Jn ;) ), usually for £1-2 more it lets you use the tube at any time in both directions without queuing to get to a station the other side of London.
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