[LONDON] Tuesday 8th August

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9 Jun 2005
If you happen to come accross any interesting trains on GEN groups for Tuesday 8th August in London then please let me know. Please don't turn this into a discussion thread as me an Dad need to create a plan for our day out ASAP. Any help is massivly appriciated.

I am also looking for reliable diagrams for:

  • Class 37s, 47s, 56s, 59s, 87s/325s & 92s
  • FCC liveried 319s and 365
  • All railtours in the London area, no matter what traction
  • Superman Class 390

Does anyone know if these trains are always 59s and are usually on time?

7A25 10:47 West Drayton-Acton yard (EWS)
7A09 06:56 Merehead-Acton yard (MendipRail)
6C77 12:47 Acton yard-Merehead (Mendip)

Thanks in advance,

Contributed so far:
- TnT DRS 37s on Serco.
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