Luggage being stolen from 185s again

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23 Jan 2009
POLICE believe these two men, pictured, could help them discover who stole a woman’s luggage from a cross-country train.

The 19-year-old woman boarded the 8.20am Transpennine Express train from Manchester Airport to Newcastle at Leeds on Saturday, December 4.

She put her suitcase in the luggage hold at the end of a carriage.

The woman checked her case, which contained clothing and electronics, shortly before the service arrived in Durham.

However, by the time the train reached Newcastle, the case was gone.

A previous report mentioned £2600 worth of luggage being stolen from TPE services:

The 170s and 185s do seem to make it easier for luggage to quickly disappear compared to the Sprinters and 175s that used to run TPE services.
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