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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by sreelatha, 7 May 2015.

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  1. sreelatha

    sreelatha New Member

    7 May 2015

    I am planning to travel from Luton to London bridge as i work in London bridge.Please let me know the possible travel option with less travel charges.
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  3. telstarbox

    telstarbox Established Member

    23 Jul 2010
    Wennington Crossovers
    For Monday to Friday travel, the options are:

    Train to Luton to Blackfriars, then walk from the south side exit to work - if your workplace is between Blackfriars and London Bridge this might be best

    Train from Luton to St Pancras, then Northern Line to London Bridge

    Train from Luton to West Hampstead Thameslink, short walk to West Hampstead, then Jubilee Line to London Bridge

    Of these options, Blackfriars is cheapest, as you only need a ticket to 'London Thameslink' whereas the other two require a more expensive Travelcard which includes the Underground.
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  4. Romilly

    Romilly Established Member

    5 Nov 2013
    An anytime day return on Thameslink trains would cost £27.30

    A season ticket from Luton to "London Thameslink" (which covers travel for any part of the route between Luton and Elephant & Castle) would cost £98.10 for a week and £376.80 for a month. If you don't travel into London at weekends, you can save money in the course of a year by buying season tickets for a month and any number of extra days (i.e. for a period starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday). Doing that can also help to ensure that you aren't paying for unwanted travel when you are on holiday.

    These prices are for Telstarbox's Luton to Blackfriars option. Having to buy a Luton to Zones 1-6 travelcard to facilitate travel on London Underground would cost more.
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  5. bb21

    bb21 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    4 Feb 2010
    Option 3 (changing at West Hampstead) is also valid on the cheaper Thameslink ticket due to an interavailability agreement.

    This page seems to suggest that Option 2 would also be fine.

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