Maintaining ageing road infrastructure

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cowley, 29 Jul 2019.

  1. Via Bank

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    28 Mar 2010
    We could, and should, do what the Dutch do and close such duplicate routes to through traffic. Makes the surfacing last longer (because passing motorists' wheels aren't chewing it up) and makes them considerably more suitable for cycling when you're not going to encounter someone hooning around a blind corner following their sat-nav at 60mph.
  2. Lucan

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    21 Feb 2018
    Tendons in post-stressed concrete can be withdrawn for periodic inspection and replaced if necessary. If the tendons, or groups of tendons, are anchored separately and they are present in redundant multiples, they can be withdrawn singly without closing the structure to traffic.
  3. edwin_m

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    21 Apr 2013
    But how many structures of the Sixties and Sevventies are post-stressed?

    As I understand it normal reinforced concrete can suffer from rusting of the re-bar, but it's usually obvious from the external cracking and other signs. Expensive to fix but at least you get some warning that something needs to be done. The worst is pre-stressed concrete, because if it degrades to the extent that the concrete is no longer holding the reinforcement in tension then the structure is in danger of catastrophic collapse. I believe that was the reason the canopies at Derby station had a very substantial steel supporting scaffold added a few years before they were eventuallly replaced.

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