Major Problems for 'One'

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8 Jun 2005
Yesterday evening and this morning (Evening!!!) Major delays occured to 'One Great Eastern/Anglia services following OHLE damage at Chadwell Heath. Below is a summary of events (Not compiled by myself)

A brief summary of the problems last night, which were one after the other from about 16.45 to 22.00. Time are approximate (apart from the first one).

16:45: OHL damage Up and Down ELs at Chadwell Heath, 2 x 8 car 315s with damaged pans (hence the cancelled Metros this morning - 4 units short before we even start on trying to balance the stock for service). Both ELs still blocked when I went home.

17.10: 17.00 LV-NR a failure at Liverpool Street

Guessing at 18.45ish but time was a blur last night: 4S88 failed at Brickhouse (loco unknown) which turned into something of a farce thanks to misunderstandings between NR control, the signaller and Freightliner control, and thanks to a FL driver being a bit of a pillock. Engine of 4M41 removed at Marks Tey to go and rescue 4S88 (eventually - after Up trains had been stood for FIFTY minutes waiting the engine to leave the loop) and returned 4S88 to Ipswich.

Time unknown: Up and Down main blocked at Gidea Park 4L22 stopped at with a report of sparks from the wheels (stop and examine, no fault found but stopped both roads for 20 minutes).

20.00: 8 car 315 failed in Ilford station on the Up Electric line with brakes stuck on (gone by the time the 2230 went past at 23.15)

20:30: 1F26 19.12 (I think) LV-Braintree terminated Ilford due to brake defects.

21:30 4L92 slipped to a stand on Brentwood bank with 86501 and 1238 tons on the drawbar - which cretin stuck THAT out on more than 800 tons on its own in the leaf fall season?

And today my events:

- Arrived Liverpool Street 1539.

- 1548 Braintree & 1555 Southend Cancelled

- 1602 Was next FAST Train to Shenfield

- 1602 arrived Shenfield 1645 jammed solid!

What a nightmare!!! And units affected at Gidea Park still there tonight (One without Pantograph)
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