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Manchester Victoria Wood Station 04/06 1400-1500

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31 May 2011
For one hour only, Manchester Victoria will be renamed Manchester Victoria Wood station to honour the late comedienne. I'm not sure it counts as a new station but as an odd quirk, I may go to see the festivities. Do remember it is only for ONE HOUR between 2pm and 3pm.


Manchester dresses up for memorial at Victoria Wood station

Hundreds of fans of Victoria Wood are to gather in costume in Manchester to remember the late comedian.

The tribute, called Have You Seen ’Er? – a reference to the catchphrase of one of Wood’s most beloved characters, who was looking for her friend “Kimberleh: she’s realleh, realleh tall and realleh, realleh wide” – will take place at Victoria station at 2pm on Saturday, which will be renamed Victoria Wood station for the hour-long event.

This week Wood’s brother suggested the name change should be permanent. Chris Foote Wood told the Manchester Evening News: “I think the idea of renaming Victoria station as Victoria Wood station is a terrific idea, but why not make it permanent? After all, Liverpool has John Lennon airport. Victoria Wood station could house a permanent exhibition where people could watch Vic’s videos and be the venue for all kinds of events.”

Saturday’s tribute will see Victoria sponge served to fans by Salford Angels WI, with all proceeds going to Jessie’s Fund, the music therapy charity of which Wood was patron. The event has the blessing of Grace and Henry Durham, the comic’s children.

The event is organised by Kath Fox, the co-chair of Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus (MLGC), who has also started a petition for a statue of Wood to be installed at Victoria station. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a statue of her in the beret in the Kimberley sketch, looking for her friend at the station?” said Fox on Friday. More than 3,000 people have signed the petition supporting the campaign, which is called We Are All Kimberley.

The event will be presented by the singer and actor Sue Devaney, who worked with Wood on the Dinnerladies TV series. She will share her memories of Wood and will pay homage with a musical rendition of Pam – Can I tell you who I am? / I’m Pamela Patricia, but they call me Pam / I don’t like shorts or slingback shoes / My only pair of trousers are my gardening trews – accompanied by MLGC’s musical director, Loz Kaye.

The choir will perform their own LGBT version of the Ballad of Barry and Freda, entitled The Ballad of Carrie and Freda, Barry and Fred. Manchester’s newly installed lord mayor, Carl Austin-Behan, a one-time Mr Gay UK, will also pay tribute to Wood on behalf of the city of Manchester.

Many fans are expected to don yellow berets and oversized orange overcoats like the girl looking for Kimberley, while others may be pushing trollies dressed as waitresses with bowl cuts unable to take orders from the menu.

Wood, who was born in Prestwich, north Manchester, died in April, aged 62.

Have fun if you are going there. :)
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2 Feb 2014
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Well, if we go through there tomorrow on The Next Station Is...!, I'll be sure to call it that.
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