Manea to Cambridge journeys not shown on journey planners due to no through fare via March

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    Greater Anglia and CrossCountry choose to discourage travel from Manea to Cambridge by rail by inhibiting around half of the journeys from showing up on their journey planners. The reality is that every 2 hours, a journey is available changing at March, in a sensible time.
    The above screenshot shows departures from Manea towards Cambridge at 1217, 1417 and 1617 changing at Ely, and direct at 1745.

    However, in this time range there are departures at 1309 and 1509 taking one hour, but the Greater Anglia website tries to pretend that these do not exist.

    The train companies have chosen not to make a single ticket available for this. I'm surprised that local user groups, media and MPs haven't picked up on this point. Greater Anglia could very easily make a change to permit the holders of tickets to or from Manea only to travel on these trains. This would be much more effective than a campaign to add more call at the station, because it can be more easily implemented. As a station with a very limited service it is only reasonable (and common across the country) to make special arrangements for customers with tickets to or from that station. Greater Anglia do this elsewhere for branch line stations.
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    3 May 2015
    Have you considered "idiocy" rather than malice as the explanation?

    i.e. it simply hasn't occured to GA/XC to permit doubling back as an option. You never know, a simple e-mail/Tweet to them might have an effect...

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