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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
4/3/2006 UPDATE

A Refurbished D78 at West Brompton for Wimbledon
An overall view of Clapham Yard's Junipers
A Wessex Electric on platform 10 rather than 7
Some photos of the 321s
A Recently refurbished 315
A TL319 stabled at Moorgate for the day
A 360 arriving into Paddington

March Misc 4/3/2006

What do you think of the photos?

If anyone interested how i got this shot
This shot was taken at platform 10
I was sitting on the stairs (Where it leads you to H&C) and I think it's quite a good photo
Story on what had happened yesterday
I boarded 13:36 Edgware via Bank(Celia) at Clapham South
We got held up at London Bridge for 15mins due to a person falling down in front of a train
The station announcer mentioned the security stuff and stand behind yellow line,
I decided to leave the train, BUT when I heard the driver speaking i decided to rush back to the train and I saw the station starter/signal showing green
Normally the journey to Bank would take 20mins but it took 30mins by the looks of it
Then I rushed to the Central line
I was relieved to see a train in 1min, ** I also saw "Newbury Park" in the destination indicator
I got to Stratford, and to my horror there wasn't a 90
So I waited for the 14:27 to London Liverpool Street from platform 9 and got the 4 car 321
then I took H&C to Moorgate quite suprise to see the C77 that had the BTB livery and I saw a 319!!!
Then I took the Circle line at Moorgate to head to King's Cross
and at Farringdon more problems occured, KXSP LU station was closed :o
and I had to get off at Euston Square and walk the walk to KXSP
then to find out that C,H&C,Met had reopened while the Tube was still closed
So i took H&C to Paddington and saw a HC arrived
I also took the First TT Booklet :)
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Julian G

Established Member
9 Jun 2005
To Jim-
Yeah, it was suprising but then it managed to reopen
To Jonb-
This is what I used to call the ONE cl321s "Chav Dusty"
but now I called it the "Essex Dusty"
To RA-
OK! I know why the 319 was at Moorgate, (due to Yesterday's diversion to Moorgate (damn i've missed that )
To Joe-
Just testing out the Editing System :lol:

I'm still fed up after London Bridge
and I managed to get 4 new C-stock Numbers :) which increases my total to 52/138 :D

I found out that District/Piccadilly lines might be closed again in June
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