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Maybank extension route 1

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11 Jun 2005
hi all,

just an update on the Maybank extension routes, as you know route 2 is released (Carmeton Shuttle) but route 1 will now have a complete re-write. It is basically ready but looks...odd..as such from a mainline looking route, so it will look better and will have high ground runs as well, too much of the route, in fact all of the route is by embankments really, like some of the carmeton route, and the current is too short and boring as well.

The first release will be another short route, a run up from Clifton Greenbridge up to Clifton High Street (with a tunnel dive under the other tracks before High Street) to platform 3 then branching off to Gunnerslake, with one stop at Iverbridge on the way, then over the Hammerwich line maybe then to Gunnerslake.
I hope to get this re-written soon as you are probably waiting eagerly for the release!

It will be soon, it should be good, but dont expect any 'Anthony' style detail!
I might release it as BVE4 compatible only, depending on what train it would be and if the relevant train is BVE4 compatible

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