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Metrolink 3CC

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2 Mar 2007
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Just as idea to throw it out there...

Manchester Metrolink is looking at having a core capacity of 40tph soon with the addition of 2CC but I can't see how the timetabling is going to work as it will proberbly result in a reduction in the number of services between Victoria and Piccadilly.

Lets assume for now:
CC1 will run with 10tph Deansgate - Piccadilly, 10tph Deansgate - Victoria and 10tph Victoria - Piccadilly. Q
CC2 will run at 15 to 20tph between Deansgate and Victoria. One assume as significant amount of these will be terminating at Victoria to allow services from Oldham to be running onto Piccadilly.

I'm working on the assumption that 5tph from the E Manchester Line will run through to and terminate at Victoria and 5tph from the E Manchester Line will run out toward Cornbrook. Leaving 5tph Bury and 5tph Alty to terminate in Piccadilly, with the remaining 10tph via CC1 and 20tph via CC2.

This puts Piccadilly on a bit of a limb off the network with Victoria handling some 40tph and Piccadilly only 20tph, so how does the 3CC sound if it went like this...

Deansgate - Castlefeild onto a new peice of viaduct down to Street Level on Whitworth Street, station at Oxford Road on Whitworth Street (Set up for 6 car length, so triple trams can run to Alty) then continuing down this way pretty much down Whitworth Street onto Piccadilly, either in the current platforms, or some additional platform(s) that can be put in by stealing a slight amount of undercroft. (Taking some of the short stay car park).

I'm thinking of an extra station between Oxford Road (Street Level) and Piccadilly between Princess Street and Sackville Street taking up some of the unused development land to slew the stopping points away from the line of traffic.

This would take 15tph, so each route would then be handling 15tph, allowing for service improvements on each line, and the provision of longer, and tram train services on the Alty line out onto the Mid Cheshire (running via this new route, to new platforms at Piccdailly. (Completely steal the drop off point and short stay car park)


For those who don't know street names in Manchester.

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25 Feb 2010
North-South I guess they could decades in the future add a Deansgate line as well making three north/south routes which would pretty much cover the whole city centre. The Cornbrook viaduct of course could benefit from four tracking that grade seperated Eccles/Trafford from Altrincham/South Manchester though that would be expensive.

What I think they really need however is an east-west route from Salford to Piccadilly.
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