Micklefield [MIK] - Slough [SLO] with overnight break in Oxford [OXF]

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Can anyone suggest the best way of doing this on non Advance tickets? As I understand it I wouldn't be able to have an overnight break of journey on a MIK-SLO SVR, is that correct?

Thursday 19th July

08:59 or 09:59 Micklefield - Oxford (any bizarre route welcome, particularly if it limits time spent on voyagers)

Friday 20th July

Oxford - Slough, arriving no later than 11am.

Sunday 22nd July

Slough - Micklefield, no time/route preference.

Railcard: 16-25

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19 Jan 2010
If it was me I would purchase the SSR Micklefield - Slough + ANY PERMITTED at £66.20 rather than the SVR Micklefield - Slough NOT VIA LONDON at £65.35.

You are allowed to BOJ at Oxford on the Outward Portion providing you start your journey from Oxford to Slough before 12pm

This gives you the option to travel via London on the way back on the Sunday :)

Travel outward if you can take the 1029

1029 Micklefield - Leeds 1047
1111 Leeds - Birmingham New Street 1307 (XC HST)
1333 Birmingham - Oxford 1440

Limits you to 1hr 7mins on a Voyager :)


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4 Feb 2010
Officially you're permitted an overnight BoJ in the outward portion if you cannot complete your journey on the first day. It is however not compulsory that the passenger has to go as far as he can on the first day. (I will leave you to interpret the implications of this.)

On the second day of travel, you will be subject to the same time restrictions as on the first day, and you do not have to recommence before noon, which was part of the old rules prior to October 2011. All your travel must be completed by 0429 on the third day.

Another option worth considering is a Micklefield - Oxford Route Not Via London Off-Peak Return priced at £58.35, with a Change of Route Excess in the return portion to Route +Any Permitted (costing ~£9.10). This avoids any potential hassle from staff with regard to the overnight BoJ, if you feel uncomfortable with such situations, and has no time restriction between Oxford and Slough (and London), although does cost ever so slightly more.
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