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Mid-Norfolk Railway ENGLISH ELECTRIC EXTRAVAGANZA 30/3 - 01/4

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24 Feb 2012
East Dereham, Norfolk

Here's the latest on our Spring Diesel Gala running from 30th March - 1st May.

This Spring sees us play host to a huge gathering of locos from the English Electric stable - one of each class produced by the legendary Lancashire loco builders. In addition to the Mid-Norfolk's diverse home fleet of diesel locos, we are honoured to be joined this year by Deltic 55022 from Martin Walker, Class 40 D335 from the CFPS and also a Class 37 loco from Cumbria railfreight firm Direct Rail Services. As always, we are indebted to the parties that have loaned their pride and joys, and of course commercial assets, to us for the weekend.

Home fleet locos

  • 08631 - station pilot
  • D8069
  • 31235
  • 37003
  • 50019
  • 73210
Visiting guest locos

  • Class 37 37xxx from Direct Rail Services
  • Class 40 D335 from the Class Forty Preservation Society
  • Class 55 55022 from Martin Walker
An intensive timetable will be in operation all weekend using our two rakes of Mk2 coaching stock. Loco allocations will follow shortly once all visitors and home fleet availability are confirmed. A working timetable will be posted on our website shortly. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

For all updates and info, please visit www.midnorfolkdiesels.co.uk.
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