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Mileage Competition 2021


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7 Aug 2005
Mileage between 1st January 2021 and 31st December 2021 (inclusive) only. Travel for leisure or commuting purposes only. Mileage covered on all railways counts towards your total, including heritage lines, foreign mileage, trams, light rail and LU - providing you can find accurate mileage data.

Click here for 2021 mileage league table

To record you mileage please go to the Account Details page of your user account and scroll to the bottom. Enter your 2021 mileage (in whole miles) in the relevant field. You can find the Account Details page here.

Main Resources

National Rail

RailMiles Mileage Engine (RMME)
IMPORTANT: You must examine the routing generated carefully to ensure that it is what you want. This new reincarnation of the mileage engine may still contain a few errors. Report any discrepancies to site support. Reports posted on this forum is unlikely to be picked up for a while.

Light Rail

Light Rail Distance Charts (Metric Units)
Light Rail Distance Charts (Imperial Units)
Track and Distance Diagrams (Metric Units) - thanks to pdeaves

London Underground

London Underground Distance Charts (Imperial Units)
TfL Distance Diagram (Metric Units) - thanks to pdeaves

Supplementary Resources

DLR Stratford International Branch - thanks to TheJRB
Midland Metro (and here) - thanks to 45041 and MidnightFlyer
London Overground - Surrey Quays to Queens Road Peckham - thanks to TheJRB
Burnley Manchester Road - Todmorden - thanks to crehld
Chains to miles
International Mileages - Can be a little fiddly to use but effectively you move the two pins to your origin and destination and it will calculate the distance. You can add a via point pin to adjust the route.

Please note that any attempt at disrupting the competition will result in an infraction and immediate disqualification from this year's competition.