Mind your drink {Serious}

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7 Jun 2005
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Alright guys

A warning for those who go out drinking.
One of my mates went out underage drinking, as usual last night. His friends got sussed and thrown out, so he sent a wierd text to me and my mate, who were at the other end of the city with a group, asking for help because he was on his own. We agreed to pay for his taxi but he didn't turn up.
We finished in the pub so phoned him and told him to walk to our friends house, in the middle of the city. He got there about 23:15 and didn't seem himself. He can handle his drink very well.
He sat next to me at a table with a few of our mates and was strangley quiet. He had some more to drink and seemed to be going down hill badly. By about midnight, other people noticed, including our friend's mum, a nurse.
He started burning up, so we laid him down on the couch and helped him take his t shirt off. Our mate's mum started trying to cool him down with wet towels but he kept getting hotter. The colour drained out of his arms and face, he went numb and started passing in and out of conciousness. He started being violently sick and had shallow breathing. Luckily he didn't get any worse and our mate's mum managed to help him sweat it out, we stayed with him until about 2am when the worst had passed and he went to sleep properly.
We came within minutes of calling an ambulance for him.
Today he said he was talking to some strange guys he didn't know and left the pub because he wasn't feeling himself.

Keep an eye on your drink and ya mates drinks. Our friend's mum is confident his drink was spiked with a date rape drug, why we don't know.
This happened in a pub in Guildhall square, Portsmouth, if anybody knows who might have done it, let me know.
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8 Jun 2005
:shock: I try not to let any drinks I have out of my sight, not only because of that, but because sneeaky people will nick it :x

If you're in a dodgy bar/around dodgy people, hold the drink by the top of the glass, so your palm covers the top. Could save you from the above...
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