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26 Apr 2016
Hi guys,

I know that at the beginning of the day, before you sit the computer tests and mmi you write a few lines of your answer for each question.

My question is, how many of you were asked in the interview if they had another example for a question because the answer you put down on paper didn't quite fit.

And how many of you weren't told to change the answer but failed because of it. And not because you didn't perform well.

Thanks in advance

Chloe :)
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6 Dec 2013
West Sussex
Hey Chloe

The MMI is not a generic test as such, they use the answers you give to questions to formulate things to ask you later in the day which is why normally, the MMI is the last thing on the days list, as it can take on average 45 mins to 1 1/2 hours, mine took just over an hour and a half, and the guy before me only 40 mins, so its based on the individual

I didn't have to change anything on my questions, but you can only answer them from your own life experiences, it doesn't matter what background your from, what previous job/jobs you've have, all they want is for you in your own words from your own experiences to answer the questions, and if you really cannot change an answer because you cannot think of something else to put in its place well then that's what you have to tell them as that is what you have to work with.

People seem to think the MMI is all about Railway, safety, but its not, its about how you think as an individual, what you would do in some situations, and they are asking you to draw on your life experiences to answer the questions.

One word of advice I would offer is answer honestly, they will reword questions later on in the MMI to see whether you will stick to your original answer or will bend it slightly to try and fit in with what the interviewer was asking

I had to tell my interviewer three times the same answer, the question worded differently every time, I think from personal experience this was done to gauge my answer, my reactions, and whether I would stick to my guns or change my mind.

On the day, I think you'll be fine, again lots of people fear the MMI as did I , but if you answer honestly, and remain true to yourself, you'll be fine :)

Good luck!
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