Model railways based on a preserved railway?

Discussion in 'Modelling, Simulations & Games' started by nat67, 17 Aug 2018.

  1. nat67

    nat67 Member

    23 Apr 2014
    Hi folks, has anyone based their model railway layout on a preserved layout even if it does really exist?

    Like for instance The Landy Valley Railway which can be seen on Youtube, or the Trundley Close railway centre.

    I have based my model railway layout on 3 3/4 miles of non-fiction preserved railway with both steam and diesel operating on aa singl track with station passing loop.

    It also has a jet aircraft museum next to it with Airfix / Revell Percival Jet Provosts and Blackburn Buccaneers next to the station car park.
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  3. John Webb

    John Webb Established Member

    5 Jun 2010
    St Albans
    My own small layout is based on a preserved railway: single line coming to station with passing loop and going off again to single line, goods yard used for demo freight trains and the goods shed for wagon restoration. Reason for this was I could run anything I liked and have an intensive service that a real branch line would never have! Most of my locos are ones that are preserved, albeit on different railways, but that's a benefit - in real life they move around as well.
    Haven't done much with it of late - got rather involved with a certain full-scale preservation project.
  4. alexl92

    alexl92 Established Member

    12 Oct 2014
    I don't currently have a layout, just a collection of stock. But I'm collecting with the intention of creating a preserved railway when I can eventually build my own layout. I think it's a great way to run whatever you like!
  5. Cowley

    Cowley Established Member

    15 Apr 2016
    I like to model the decay and neglect of the BR blue era, but I do have a Standard 4 with a blood and custard mk1 as its support coach to run as a steam special.
    It’s quite difficult to catch the character of a standard gauge preserved line in model form in some ways.
    The model would have to be really good and the buildings etc weathered properly even if the locomotives are prestine. A few sheeted over coaches and the odd rusting ex Barry hulk would add to the atmosphere and be fun to recreate.
    I think it’s easier to model preserved narrow gauge in a way.
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  6. SCH117X

    SCH117X Member

    27 Nov 2015
    I have a layout that can operate BR(SR) c 1960 or c1966 or as a preserved railway. In the case of the latter I use genuinely preserved locos along with visitors from the national network as too many preserved layouts on the exhibition circuit I find unrealistic as they feature long lost classes. Even then there is a balance to get to keep it realistic due to the actual periods of operation of preserved locos so for example "Evening Star" and "Butler Henderson" may appear together but certainly not along with a DRS 68.
  7. Journeyman

    Journeyman Member

    16 Apr 2014
    I've sometimes toyed with the idea of modelling a main line/heritage interchange, something like a through station served by BR trains, with a bay platform for heritage trains. My imaginary scenario is that the station was formerly the junction for a freight-only line that was recently closed, and the heritage operation is in its very early days - a small yard could house stock under restoration, and short, simple trains could realistically be run with a range of small locos.

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