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More Coventry railway centre dates + AGM{s}

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7 Jun 2005
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Hi guys

I am available to goto Coventry on 11th and 12th of March.
On Saturday 18th March we will be holding the Annual General Meeting, all members are invited to attend and to vote in election of officers {Chairman, treasurer etc}
On Sunday 19th March EMUPS will be holding they're AGM, i believe this is being held on the Dartmoor railway somewhere. Quite a few people from Coventry railway centre will be going to this meeting. Final details haven't yet been released but i believe the plan is to leave Coventry at sunset for Dartmoor by road then stay in the area overnight ready for the AGM Sunday.
C.A.R services very kindly allow volunteers to sleep in a Mk3 sleeping car for a small maintenance charge {i shall check with Albert Mutton} and to have the use of a CCT van converted into a living area. If you wish to use this facility please PM me for Albert's email address, but i plan to book into a B&B in Okehampton.
At sunset on Sunday i will be heading back to Portsmouth along the south coast, i can drop people off along the way if needed.

Over to you guys
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7 Jan 2006
There is also COVENTRY working weekend this weekend of the 4/5th of March. The usual works in progress on pointwork construction. Also we shall be slewing the track out to allow both the SR brake van and 12t box vans to leave in a couple of weeks. Part of this is to lift out the chassis and wheelsets of the two scrap R&H 48DS locos.

I am not free on the 11/12th, but the Slashmeister is a big boy and can run the show in my absense. As mentioned the SERA AGM is the 18th. I don't know about the EMUPS AGM at present. We are behind with the work at Coventry and I may remain there on the 19th depending on what progress we make (or not as the case may be).

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